Soothe your soul with Garfield and his latest musical offering ‘Aaliyah Interlude’

Get through a heartwarming musical experience as Garfield has dropped his latest single ‘Aaliyah Interlude’. He has paired up with Syn to create this masterpiece.


Featuring smooth productions and a blissful musical arrangement, Garfield has come up with his latest musical representation, titled Aaliyah Interlude. The track is brilliantly composed with an amalgamated essence of RnB and hip-hop. The artist has amazing vocal skills, which help him meander through the whole soundscape with his half-sung half rap method. Melodically rich and impactful, the track is capable of captivating the listeners with its intimate approach. The artist has collaborated with Syn for this track and both of them have provided a flawless performance. With the male and female vocals complimenting each other, the single is a perfect musical treat for everyone.

The artist has kick-started his musical career with multiple collaboration projects with Ocho Arky. One of their collaboration project ‘Just A Friend’ has already impressed listeners while reflecting the artist’s craft and artsy of it. Hailing from Brooklyn in New York, this artist is paving his way to the industry and reaching the peak of success. The latest track ‘Aaliyah Interlude’ is being another milestone in his musical journey. Following his passion, the artist is already on his quest to create the next banger. Follow Garfield on Spotify and Instagram to know more about his upcoming projects.

Check out the song on Spotify:


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