Upcoming South Caroline Rapper Drew The Dream’s Song ‘Heart Cry’ Comprises The Best Lyrical Charm

Drew The DreamThe relatability in music draws us closer to certain songs and I can say confidently now that I have found my escape in ‘Heart Cry’. The song is by an artist called Drew The Dream who I came across one day while looking for some captivating hip hop songs. The song emerged on my shuffled playlist and never left. The song is about a broken heart trying to mend itself which bore a similar theme to my personal story at that time as well. This explains the instant likeness as I checked out more precious jewels from the artist’s exclusive soundscape of terrific and incredible hip hop and rap flavors.

The South Caroline rapper’s original name is Andrew Moye but he later adopted the stage name, Drew The Dream. He is already getting his deserved acknowledgment in the industry but ‘Heart Cry’ contributes more towards his growing legacy. He has many other songs to his name such as ‘Mood’, ‘Lets Travel’, ‘Lost Not Found’, ‘Play fair’, and ‘Single Life Boring’ among many others. His hard work and resilience are on their way to form a legacy in the days to come. Follow his musical journey to the top by checking his work out on Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, and Linktree.

Please visit here to listen to the song of Drew The Dream:


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