‘You and Me’ by Travis Cole entertains the listener with enriched soulful melodies

Recording artist Travis Cole makes a lasting impression in both the hearts and the minds of the audience with his heartwarming performance in the single ‘You and Me’.

Travis Cole

San Antonio-based artist Travis Cole has been honing his musical skills for a very long time and has finally embarked on his independent journey to create upbeat and entrancing music for the audience. This emerging artist has always believed in expanding his gifted qualities and put significant effort into curating songs that immediately uplift the listener’s mood. Recently, he has dropped his latest project titled ‘You and Me,’ an alluring soundscape that speaks greatly on behalf of his musical abundance. Reflecting upon his exquisite abilities and skills, Travis has poured his heart out with intimate lyrics and mesmerizing harmonies that will surely take the listener on a sound-enhanced journey of fulfilling rhythms.

Also an entrepreneur, Travis Cole released ‘You and Me’ on 20th August and has several singles lined up along with an EP that is in the making. The prolific artist creates original music that tickles the heartstrings and offers feel-good vibes for the audience. Travis has also launched his company, JayFlight Music, and is hands-on with producing, performing, writing, recording, mixing, distribution, mastering, and marketing to gain havoc popularity in the music community. Truly a versatile musician, his charisma is not just limited to effortless performance but also in the artistic perspective that drives his soulful compositions. Prior to ‘You and Me,’ he also released some tracks like ‘Sundown,” San Marcos,’ and ‘Summer Dreams.’ Hear his latest song on Spotify and follow him on Instagram for more details.

Listen to the track on Spotify:


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