Promising Canadian band Mercury Messiah’s debut single ‘Sunlight Surfing’ presents outstanding versatility

The band of young and talented musicians, Mercury Messiah is offering the greatness of both electronic and rock music in their first-ever song, ‘Sunlight Surfing’.

Mercury Messiah

Canadian rock band Mercury Messiah steps into the mainstream music scene with a loud smash and incredibly versatile melodic creations. Released in August, Sunlight Surfing is a brilliant blend of a wide range of electronic beats and classic hard rock resonance. The overwhelming sound and texture of the track have been created by reverberated guitars and drums combined with the mesmerizing vocal performance. The solo guitar and drumming at the ending part of the song fill your heart with indescribable passion and energy. The beautiful lyrical illustration conveys the message of carrying on with life no matter what, and its charming rhythmic flow lingers in the air for a long time.

Mercury Messiah was established in 2015 by childhood best friends Johnny Dims (vocals) and Mano Diles (guitar). Later, Alex Brunel (drums) and Corrado Johnston (bass) joined the band bringing out the true dexterity of their soundscape. They recently signed a management deal with Michael Barbee of Dovetail Entertainment, rockers Greta Van Fleet’s long-time manager. Under his guidance, the band is determined to deliver more projects with high-quality and captivating melodic compositions. Follow them on Spotify, their website, and Instagram for more updates on their upcoming works.

Listen to the track on Spotify:

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