Versatile hip-hop artists AJC and Lyrikal Master have collaborated in the latest banger ‘Gods Mistake’

Up-and-coming music producer AJC and talented rapper Lyrikal Master have joined forces to offer listeners their latest musical representation ‘Gods Mistake’.

Lyrikal Master

Producer AJC and unwavering rapper Lyrikal Master have paired up to provide listeners something unique. The hip-hop artists have recently released a banger named Gods Mistake which is making some brisk moves through the modern hip-hop industry. The track is enriched with hypnotic grooves of digital music which offers a major hook to the listeners. The hook is further carried by the rapper’s eclectic performance and melodic rapping style. There is a moderate pace in the track along with spacious verses which makes the banger even more intriguing and enjoyable. The subject matter reflects back the ups and downs, trauma, and struggles of life which is relatable and engaging. The banger is making a huge buzz in the industry while putting a deep impact on everyone.

Lyrikal Master is hailing from Sheffield and AJC belongs to Coventry England. Both of them are keeping their name out there with a fine line of talent, skill, and creativity. The rapper has been making music since 1999 and has gifted several tracks to listeners in the last two decades. His 40th birthday is coming soon on this 17th of September and the rapper is all set to celebrate it with an upcoming album ‘Once upon a mic’. To enjoy more tracks like ‘Gods Mistake’, follow Lyrikal Master and AJC on Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to know more.

Check out the song on Youtube:

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