Seasoned musician PettySagg’s brand new creation ‘I’m On The Way’ has a positive impact on the listeners

Supremely talented singer PettySagg is turning heads in the contemporary music scene with his new single ‘I’m On The Way’ exuding a blissful Jamaican aroma.


The newest gem in the global music scene, PettySagg is spreading vibrant energy with his genre-bending lyrical soundscape. He has recently dropped a highly entertaining banger I’m On The Way’. It is in the top 5 trending songs for Long Beach radio stations. The track is a blend of infectious beats and catchy lyrical illustration, forming a symphony of pure perfection. The dynamic rhythmic backdrop is achieved through clever chord structures and progressive rhythmic arrangements. It features a dreamy and soothing Jamaican flavor, which does not overwhelm the other tonalities in the track. His blissful vocal performance offers an optimistic and euphoric vibe to the listeners.

Inspired by artists like Coldplay, Jay Z, and Sunni Colon, PettySagg has formed a soundscape that is not restricted by the limitation of a single genre. His newest single ‘I’m On The Way’ proves his versatility and willingness to encapsulate the essence of different genres in his music. PettySagg hails from Plainfield, NJ and his soothing voice has given him the power to make a connection with the mass. With over 7K monthly listeners to date, this talented artist is indeed starting to get national attention. He is also set to release new tracks on Sept 17, 20, and 23, leading up to his album “Lifestyle Of The Unconventional” in October. Follow him on Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitter, and Instagram and stay updated.

Check out the song on Spotify:

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