Get ready to enjoy hip-hop in its truest form with Lil Squid’s new track ‘ATL Anthem’

Rising hip-hop artist Lil Squid gets on a roll to engage the audience with his fluent rap skills and gives out an exemplary performance in the new single ‘ATL Anthem’.

ATL Anthem

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]n artist who gives his spin to the hip-hop genre and stands out with splendid appreciation from the audience is Lil Squid. Ensuring that his songs are driven with genuine passion and an infectious flow, the rapper incorporates the fundamentals of the genre and infuses his modern contemporary edge to engage the listeners at once. ATL Anthem’ is the latest soundtrack delivered by the rapper as he wastes no time in showcasing his lyrical and verbal brilliancy. The song is stitched with catchy verses and the artist’s smooth delivery meets the heightened expectation of the audience. Cleanly mixed and stylistically dished out, the song ensures his long stay in the industry.

Atlanta is considered to be the Mecca of all hip-hop enthusiasts and even though several artists are striving to dedicate songs to this great city, Lil Squid ensures that he stays at the top with his must-hear compositions. The track ATL Anthem is his honest ode to the city and could be easily counted as Atlanta’s best theme song so far. His energy is unparalleled and the rap delivery captivates listeners effortlessly, making it sound like a timeless hit. The song is now available across all platforms for a full listen.

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