Melbourne Pop Artist Xena East Releases New Track ‘First Love’ Comprising of the Best Piano Progressions

Xena East is an upcoming Melbourne pop artist who recently came out with the track, ‘First Love’ contemplating personal experiences into a sultry soundscape.

Upcoming music artist Xena East recently came out with the track, ‘First Love’ exemplifying the essence of pop and piano in one stream of creative amalgamation. The track comprises of her personal journey with the first-ever person she fell in love with and how that experience helped her grow and get liberated as a person. The song is glazed with a beautiful piano composition that sets her creativity apart from the rest. The melody and undulations across the song seem as if she is reciting a poem that flows into a meandering stream. The depth and personal touch both make the track a relatable saga not just for her but for her audiences as well.

Xena East
Xena East

The upcoming Melbourne pop artist Xena East is associated with her label named after her own called Stephanie Laurens. She shares her happiness as well as pain through the traces of the new song, ‘First Love’ allowing a transient movement of real emotions. Thus, her soundscape is a deep, meaningful, and purposeful scope that paves the way for contemporary musical bonds like never before. The transgender artist is creating a scope of empowerment for all her community through the universal language of music. Some of her songs that resonate with the essence of her music include ‘Lonely’, ‘Because Of You’, ‘Can’t You See’, and ‘I Will Give Everything’. Follow her on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to experience musical bliss like never before.

To listen this song ‘First Love’ by Xena East visit the given link :

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