Record Label TAMA Industries Offers the Best Scopes of Artist Development through Their Innovative Platform

Artist, entrepreneur, and producer Studd Da Kidd’s record label Tama Industries is offering some of the best opportunities for artist boot camps and career growth.

Studd Da Kidd

Music artist and producer Studd Da Kidd is now on the journey of creating the best platform for upcoming musicians aimed at providing them boot camps for career development. Her record label, TAMA Industries, was founded with an innovative concept that helps new artists establish their brand name and a prosperous career in the relevant industry. The artist herself is a visionary who is contributing significantly to the art community through her entrepreneurship skills. The record label is based out of the newly purchased office space at the Century Building in San Antonio, Texas. It also houses DRH consulting and the home base for Exposure Explosive Festival. The festival is a weekly mix of entertainment, interactive media, and small business marketing across different cities that is expected to start in summer 2022. This will allow new artists to showcase their skills and creativity through a validated platform leading to exposure and engagement. Aside from that, Studd Da Kidd created a 24/7 subscription-based online concert hall that can be watched via a responsive website, mobile app, and smart-TV platform. Artists can perform from their own location, while fans can enjoy live video streaming, podcasts, and many more.

Studd Da Kidd, apart from her visionary ideas with TAMA Industries, is presenting a commendable career for herself. She is one of the best minds in the scope of community development and creative business who is pushing new ideas to create better infrastructure in the industry, especially for new and upcoming artists. She hails from San Antonio and is constantly expanding her scope allowing new artists to find their destiny and move towards a fulfilling career. She also recently signed an American r&b singer from MN, “Meloyoung.” Visit her social links through Linktree to know more about her creative contributions.

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