6 Things to Consider before You Select the Best Press Release Distribution Service for Your Business

Press releases are the most effective marketing tools in the business world. The effectiveness of a PR depends on the quality of its distribution. Professional press release services come in handy when you want to acquire the best results from your PR. They help you reach a broader group target audience, media outlets, journalists, investors, and more within your deadline. You have to be extremely careful while choosing the ideal PR distribution service for your story. The wrong PR service can destroy your brand’s reputation and make you lose business eventually.

best press release distribution service

Here are some tips on selecting the best PR service for your company:

1. Quality and quantity

The first thing you should look at in a PR agency is the list of the media outlets to where it distributes the press releases to. Though the number of media outlets matters a lot, the quality is more important. Suppose, your PR Company distributes to hundreds of press outlets but most of them do not cover your industry. So, the huge number of publications will make no difference in your online exposure and audience engagement because your target audience is someplace else. The best press release distribution service is the one that guarantees publication on major media houses in your specific industry.

2. Price range

Press releases are so popular because they are inexpensive. If you craft and distribute your PR on your own, you won’t have to spend a single buck on your press release campaign. So, when you are distributing through a professional service you must select one that is cheap but effective as well. Some PR companies offer free PR services as well. But most of them are filled with ads and spam. They are also not very effective in bringing attention from the media or the target audience. go for a reputed PR agency if you opt for a free service.

3. Additional features

Issuing a press release is a lengthy process. First, you have to craft it in a way that appeals to the journalists and offers relevant information to the customers and investors. Then you have to distribute to the media houses that are frequently visited by your target audience. A good PR agency must offer additional features to make your press release campaign smoother and stronger. It should offer Pr writing services, keyword inclusion, and more. But for these added features, you will have to pay extra. So select a PR company with a budget-friendly price range.

4. SEO boost

The main reason behind press release distribution is SEO benefits for a brand. The more frequently you issue press releases, the more they appear online. Your target audience search about products or services in your industry on Google or other search engines. A press release embedded with keywords has higher chances of appearing on the SERPs of your customers. When you regularly appear on reputed websites and online platforms, Google will automatically give preference to your content. You will also gain valuable backlinks that will increase the traffic to your website. An ideal PR company hosts the copy of the PR permanently on their site to provide you with a lifetime of boost on SEO.

5. User experience

A press release service must be easy to use. Not everyone who is issuing a PR is a technology expert. You should select a company with a website that is easy to use. It should have different features that are necessary for effective PR distribution. Go through the reviews of the previous users of the company; see what they are saying about their experience of distributing through the agency.

6. Support

Strong customer support is needed for a smooth press release distribution. Look through the website to find out if they have a customer support team. A good PR agency offers a 24×7 support team that is ready to help the clients with their every problem. Look through reviews to know if they had good experiences with customer support. They should also provide you with a full report on your press release campaign progress. They should inform you about the facts like where the PR is posted and how many views it has received Reporting should be a part of the distribution package that you avail of.


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