Cardano Emerges as Hottest Blockchain for DAOs with Launch of Summon Platform


Summon is live on Cardano, enabling creation of Communities, Multi-Signature Wallets, and Off-Chain Polls, all within a single user-friendly Web3 platform featuring essential DAO governance and digital asset treasury management tools.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Apr 30, 2023 ( – The highly anticipated Summon Platform is officially live on the Cardano blockchain, marking the beginning of an exciting new era of new Web3 opportunities for communities and organizations leveraging the Cardano blockchain. The Summon Platform is a state-of-the-art Web3 “operating system” designed to revolutionize decentralized governance, non-custodial, digital asset treasury management, and remote collaboration. With an addressable market size potentially encompassing nearly all human economic activity, the Summon Platform’s potential impact on the world is limitless.

Summon is intended to address the needs of a wide array of users, which could include individuals, communities, organizations, enterprises, institutions, and sovereigns seeking to leverage the benefits of Web3 and other groundbreaking technologies without necessarily adopting a full-on Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) model. Of course, DAO users will find that the platform is highly suitable for their community, governance, and treasury management needs, as well.

The platform prides itself on being enterprise-ready, yet its flexible architecture accommodates a wide range of user types and supports a truly unlimited number of specialized use cases, such as enabling transparent governance procedures through its off-chain, snapshot-style Polling Module; and securing digital asset treasuries with Summon’s flagship Multi-Signature Wallet product that leverages the inherent security of Cardano native scripts. As more exciting features are added, the Summon Platform will emerge as the most robust and comprehensive Web3 operating system that exists today.

Regarding upcoming features, the Summon Platform will soon allow its user community to create fully autonomous, fully on-chain, smart contract DAOs with the release of its Agora DAO Module. The Agora DAO Module will provide even greater flexibility and customization for Summon users interested in a fully on-chain experience.

Summon’s forthcoming Agora DAO Module will allow users to create and manage advanced, smart contract-enabled DAOs with customizable rules, features, and effects, providing a more bespoke approach to decentralized governance. The public release of Summon’s Agora DAO Module is anticipated to occur in the coming days or weeks, once the platform’s users and developer community have had a chance to experience the current feature set and provide sufficient feedback to the Summon team.

Foreseeably, the rise of Summon could create a measurable impact on key on-chain indicators.  One such indicator is “TVL” — an important metric used to compare decentralized protocols and one in which some argue Cardano is lagging compared to other popular Layer-1 blockchains. This could be partly due to the fact that prior to the Summon Platform, the Cardano ecosystem lacked critical tools for DAOs, which according to, hold nearly $25 billion in assets within their treasuries across blockchains that already offer robust DAO tooling to their users.

Until this initial release of the Summon Platform, the gaping void in available Cardano DAO tooling options has prevented the chain from competing for a meaningful share of the overall DAO market. With the deployment of the remarkably capable Summon Platform, the Cardano is officially an attractive home for DAOs and other organizations that conduct business, governance, or other coordination using the Cardano blockchain.

With its growing set of features and no-code interface, the Summon Platform makes it easy to manage digital assets and participate in decentralized decision-making. As Web3 technologies continue to experience mainstream adoption, the Summon Platform is well-positioned to be a key player in the space. Its focus on user experience and accessibility make it an ideal solution for individuals, communities, organizations, businesses, institutions, and sovereigns alike.

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