Georgia Female RnB Singer Jaya Lesedi Beats on with her Stupendous Performance in ‘GOIN THRU IT’

Introducing genuine R&B and soul music beats excellently distributed in the latest track released by none other than Jaya Lesedi. While embracing the organic escapism her new track on SoundCloud ‘GOIN THRU IT’ is receiving back-to-back positive responses from the fans and followers. The artist truly knows how to uplift the mood of the audience and hence, creates a soothing aura where everyone enjoys playing her voice in a loop. Undoubtedly, the stunning vocal along with the instrumental implementation produces a sweet balance that moves the soul. The backdrop, therefore, brings in a twist and keeps the listeners in awe. This uprising star has always believed that people are capable of experiencing good things. This is why she never fails to engage the fans with new vocalization that can inject positive vibes. So far, she has approached with many enthralling performances under the production house JayaLesedi. Amongst her collection of songs, one can surely play ‘IN YOUR OWN VOICE’, ‘WHEN YOU’RE MINE’ and ‘YOUR HEARTBEAT’.


This Georgia female RnB singer is trying to convey her coveted love to diminish her suffering from life. Her caliber of drawing the storyline through musicality has been globally appreciated. A sudden inflection of emotional desperation is visible throughout her performance. Moreover, the jazz drum is lifting the energy in ‘GOIN THRU IT’. A simple, familiar yet refreshing element is scattered here and there in every paragraph. This catchy and addictive performance of Jaya Lesedi reminds of her inspirations – H.E.R, Chris Brown, and Alicia Keys. Apart from SoundCloud, anyone can quickly get a glimpse of her caliber from Spotify, and YouTube. Also, this beautiful singer is getting connected with her fans through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages. She is soon going to release her next single on 2nd December. Stay connected to get the updates!

Please visit here to listen this song ‘GOIN THRU IT’ by Jaya Lesedi :

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