Let Esglo take you on an epic emotion-filled journey with his new album, ‘Poetic Trance.’

New York-based EDM artist Esglo brings you face-to-face with your deepest feelings in his 12-track album, ‘Poetic Trance.’

EDM is one of the most progressive genres in the world right now. One of the most talented and creative artists from the genre, Esglo, is hell-bent on breaking the monotony of contemporary electronic music with his exceptional compositions. He has released a new album, Poetic Trance,’ seamlessly merging his true emotions and musical insights. The project is extremely different from other EDM works right now in terms of its rhythmic arrangement and emotional influence. The tracks are not created just to entertain the listeners but to penetrate their hearts with genuine feelings as well. The opening single, ‘Dreamstate’, gives you the chills with his soothing yet tantalizing acoustic flow proving his creative dexterity.


Esglo does not want to be stopped at just EDM. That is why he has combined various styles in electronic dance music with retro and modern pop. He always has like music with meaning and purpose, no wonder his album conveys his own life experiences, taking the listeners on a rollercoaster of genuine emotions. “Poetic Trance” is dark and edgy yet epic and uplifting. It is melodic and familiar yet intensely original. Visit Esglo’s website and follow him on his Spotify and Instagram for more information.

Listen to this album on Spotify:



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