SIR COG is Spreading his Charm with Outstanding Soundscape and Gaining Popularity


Hip-hop is the most popular genre of music in the present time and SIR COG is a shining star of the industry. The prolific artist has made all his tracks enriched with skilled lyrics and upbeat music. The versatile approach of his songs garnered a lot of audiences. The rhythmic flow of his songs hits harder as it grows. The born talented artist makes all of his songs independently. He single-handedly records composes and produces all his songs. Thematic songs of him have reached more people. Along with great lyrics and music, his voice adds life to the song. He not only entertains his fans but motivates them with his songs. He is trying to motivate listeners not with his songs but with his name too. His name stands for ‘So I Really Came Outta Genocyde’.

This New Successful Hip Hop Artist has given a lot of songs in his career. Two songs of his that is the highlight of his career and have taken a lot of appreciation are, Maybe I Do Freestyle and Mash Mode Freestyle. Both the songs are enriched with intriguing music and meaningful lyrics. These two songs have successfully gathered a lot of ears with his various approaches. He has given more songs that are praiseworthy and listened to by all the hip-hop lovers are, ‘Wit My Pen’, ‘This Ain’t No Joke’, ‘They’re Dying’, and ‘They’re Dependin’ On Me’. All of his songs are available on SoundCloud and Spotify. Visit his profile to listen to his craft. Follow SIR COG on Instagram and Facebook for more updates on his upcoming projects.

Groove to SIR COG’s latest chain of flawless hip-hop hits:

Maybe I Do Freestyle:

Mash Mode Freestyle:

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