Prolific Author H.L. Dowless Is Depicting Ancient America with His Latest Paperback Version ‘Southbound To Angel Island’

Get ready to join an amazing and adventurous journey with H.L. Dowless’s latest publication of Southbound to Angel Island’. It has been published on 1st November 2021 and currently complementing the book collection of thousands of readers around the world. The book is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions for purchase. The author has done a great job in crafting this book and that reflects through each of the pages. As I have bought the paperback version recently, I really enjoyed the subject matter that takes the readers back and forth in the past and present. Based on the glorious past of America, there are pungent references to the modern social-political structure of the country where chaos prevails everywhere.

H. L. Dowless

 Striking and indulgent, the book proceeds to take readers on an adventurous journey to Angel Island. Apparently, Angel Island is well known for conserving the 300 years old American culture where every other person seeks to go. I was overwhelmed with my first read and had to go through it again just to grasp the twists and turns ‘Southbound to Angel Island’. The readers who are willing to find Angle Island and its adventurous journey between the pages should definitively purchase the book. This talented author has already kept his name out there with his previous publications like, ‘The Grand Army Of The Golden Eagle’, ‘March Of The Divine Magnificent’, ‘Reflections on the Loss of the Freeborn American Nation: Banksters Against People’, etc many others. And now, he is ready to reach newer heights. Follow H.L. Dowless on Twitter and Instagram to know more.

You can purchase the book on Amazon:

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