Trvi is Making a Video of Her Previously Released Grooving Number, ‘Nah Never’

Trvi announces the ‘Nah Never’ music video, which is set to release in February.


Young and talented recording artist Trvi engages with her audience with another extremely well-arranged musical number. She tends to build an aura around her song ‘Nah Never,’ collaborating with Booka600. Released in October 2021 under Infinitude Records, her song performance was refreshing and terrifyingly truthful. The honest verses imply the fact that whatever life throws on your way, you must face them with bravery and without comparing yourself with others. Her voice has that innocence that makes her song even more real.

Trvi is now planning to release the music video of this compelling single ‘Nah Never.’ Her freshness has been very unique to witness. Her songs have a texture that is effortlessly conveyed to the audience. Even the deep narration has a joyous accent to it. Evidently, she has a lot to offer to this competitive industry, and it won’t be surprising to see her on the top soon. Prior to ‘Nah Never,’ she also released several tracks like ‘Yeah,’ ‘No One Cares’ and ‘Celebration,’ which were all well-received by the listeners. Follow this rising artist on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Check out the song on Spotify:


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