Christopher Meredith Once Again Contributes to the Music Industry With His Double Album, “Two Cities.”

The Nantucket Island-based composer, producer, and musician Christopher Meredith offers a new rock & roll project entitled “Two Cities.” The theme of love and revolution that were described in the classic novel “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens has influenced the theme of the album songs. Mastered by Jay Messina, “Two Cities” includes twenty-six streaming narrated songs, lyrics, and story pages, as well as twenty-six extra mixes with no narration.

Christopher Meredith

Aside from being a musician, Christopher Meredith is also the founder of Rockin’ Horse Productions LLC. He has collaborated with many artists over the years, such as Michael Murphy, Felix Pappalardi, Corky Laing, Leslie West, Doug Kershaw, Peter Noone, and more. He also produced several projects, including Monica Chen’s first record in Amsterdam for RCA, the winning song for John Lennon’s song festival winner “Julliete,” etc. And in his most recent offering, “Two Cities,” he joined forces with a narrator, a band of revolutionaries, singers, and dancers and is poised to be a great live rock show for all ages.

Christopher Meredith’s “Two Cities” is now available via his website. All money that will be raised through donations and sales will fund the show’s live performance and help develop a 3D web theatre online and the first 3D performance of the epic album. Buy the album, and don’t forget to subscribe to his website so you can get a free ticket to his upcoming online show!

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