The Mississippi Hiphop Artist 4eva is Entertaining the Crowd With his New Track ‘Water’

4eva, Mississippi hip hop artist is establishing himself with the magnificent song like, ‘Water’. This outstanding song has set a bar for all fellow artists.

4eva, the hip-hop artist has shaken the world of hip-hop music with his exceptional soundtracks. He has released a new track of him, named Water. This young artist has the caliber to weave stimulating music with thoughtful lyrics. The outstanding songs have taken all the attention of hip-hop enthusiasts. This independent artist is single-handedly managing to compose, record, and produce all the tracks. He even experiments a lot with different genres and tries to make new kinds of music. Along with the music and lyrics his melodious voice has made all the tracks more attractive. His works are a combination of hard work and creativeness. With the various presentations, he has won the heart of the listeners. This artist is not only entertaining his listeners but inspiring all the younger artists too.


The Mississippi hip hop artist came up with a new song ‘Water’ which has generated a buzz among all the hip-hop lovers. Throughout the whole song, it consists of a very hooky tune that keeps you humming for the whole day. Along with that the raging voice and the lyrics have garnered more listeners. In this brief time span, he has given 2 albums and one single which is a commendable job. Some exclusively well tracks of him are, ‘Ball Hard’, ‘Rich Nigga Drip’, ‘Digits’, and ‘Devoted’. All of his crafts are available on SoundCloud. To listen to them visit his profile. To know more about 4eva’s future releases follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Just go for this track ‘Water’ by 4eva :

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