Tunes of ‘Heart of a Lion’ Well-Balanced with the Honest Accent of Arkadian is Something Unique

The singer and songwriter Arkadian is back with another number that has the potential to popularize his music even further than the last song did. And Heart of a Lion is a song that can make the listeners lose themselves in the deep and consuming lyricism of this track. The grooving tonal qualities of the song have the power the make anyone dance in an instance. He has created a wide range of fan bases with his exceptional debut number ‘Bounce’ from Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx to Staten Island. And he is on his way to achieving even further with popularity while talking about real life in these expressive musical spells. Born and raised in the Bronx, Lamar Vanterpool is widely known for his craft and musical expressions.

The New York rapper can take any meaningful line and make it surreal with his flavorful aura of music. He is going to release the video of his latest extremely popular number ‘Heart of a Lion’ by the end of March of 2022. And Arkadian will release more of his musical ventures infused with his passion in the future as well. Years back he has released a couple of versions of the song ‘Bounce’ first the ‘Radio edit version’ and the ‘Mastered Version’, both of them are very enjoyable. And after that, he collaborated with Abhi the Nomad for the popular song ‘Somebody to love’. You can find him on his website called ‘Life of Arkadian’ apart from that he is available on YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Just go for this track ‘Heart of a Lion’ by Arkadian:

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