SIR COG Shows the Creative Brilliance of His Songs, and Is Set to Redefine the Hip-Hop Genre

Artist SIR COG is brilliant in his craftsmanship. The songs of the New Successful Hip Hop Artist are constructive and redefine the hip-hop boundaries.


SIR COG has become the favorite hip-hop artist of many hip-hop lovers worldwide. His style of singing, the art of music composition, and expertise in songwriting have made people fall in love with his songs. Almost all his songs are loved and admired by music lovers across the world. It gives a different sense of aesthetic with its distorted but sound music in the background. The songs of the artist always accompany a piece of distorted music. It is justified because the subject matter that he decides to deal with goes only with high intensity and distorted form music. In that sense, you must appreciate his understanding of music and its congruency with lyricism. Moreover, it is his versatility as a singer that makes his songs so authentic and unfiltered.

One of his most impactful songs of the artist is Hold Up Freestyle. The song carries evidence of his brilliance in music composition. He has tried to redefine the boundaries of the hip-hop genre and transcended the undiscovered horizon of music. Another song of the New Successful Hip Hop Artist is Hustle Man Freestyle. The fluidity of speeches and the creative composition of rap is evident in the song. Almost all his songs are sung freestyle. He loves to let his thoughts flow and brings the best song out of his musical mind. So, the songs of the artists are highly recommended for all rap admirers. The songs are available on SoundCloud. To know more about SIR COG follow him on Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube.

Please visit here to listen to the songs of SIR COG:

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