Richard Capriola in ‘The Addicted Child’ Guides the Parents of Drug-Abused Adolescents to Win Over The Situation

Richard Capriola

The Addicted Child byRichard Capriola is a book written as a parent’s guide to identifying the changes in their children probably caused by the addictive substances. Drug- abuse among adolescents is very common all over the world. The book will teach the parents of addicted children the importance of comprehensive assessments. And this book will also provide a guide for those parents regarding the selection of the right help. Drug abused kids often face issues with their mental health such as depression, anxiety, and many physiological problems as well.

The book comprises 103 pages and the chapters in this book are brief. I personally felt while reading this book that the author had not stretched his words. Rather Richard has simply discussed the problems with the readers and provided all the rational solutions to the parents. Even if your children are not into drug-abuse, the book can still help you to prevent such incident in the future. As time progresses, the number of drug-addicted kids is increasing. Parents are worried for the future of their kids. Meanwhile, the book comes as a companion for those parents and helps them to uproot the problems from the core. So, I will definitely recommend this book to all the parents. Read ‘The Addicted Child’ by Richard Capriola and save your child’s future before the situation gets out of hand. To know more about the author follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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