Miko Reed Reveals the Release of her Upcoming Single ‘Back to that Day’

California-based recording artist Miko Reed’s new single ‘Back to that Day’ is slated for release sometime in June.

Back to that Day

Get ready to soothe your soul with an invigorating musical experience as Miko Reed officially announces her next project. This talented music artist is currently working on a track titled Back to that Day. Just like the title of the track, there are ample elements of nostalgic and refreshing grooves. Providing a mixed punch of soul, jazz, and funk; the upcoming track is going to be another powerful addition to her musical arsenal. Miko’s unpredictable vocal skills and versatile artistic personality allow her to meander through the soundscapes like it is her playground. The track is going to set another example in the music industry with live instruments, soothing rhythms, and big vocals that can stir the hearts of the millions.

Miko Reed developed her knack for music at a very young age and continued to nurture her skills with passion while gathering influences from a multi-genre of music such as Gospel, R&B, Funk, Soul, Jazz, and so on. She has been working with various bands and Top 40, which helped her grow a dynamic personality with music, graphic design, fine arts, and video production skills. Follow Miko Reed on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and her official website to get more updates on Back to that Day.

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