Darshae Kiér is now buzzing the atmosphere of pop music with his new EP ‘Gone’

Released on New Year 2022, Darshae continues to turn heads with his remarkable and diverse EP, ‘Gone.’

Darshae Kiér

One of this age’s most promising pop artists, Darshae Kiér has released an EP ‘Gone’ comprising six songs. The Miami-based recording artist is versatile, energetic, and passionate in his approach that people can easily resonate with his songs. Presenting an array of features: added humor, elevated attitude, catchy quirk, and other pop music developing instruments, the songs are worthwhile as they create different kinds of moods. Although the songs essentially belong to the pop genre, they mix a few elements of hip-hop. It is nothing but a show of Darshae’s versatility in dealing with different genres of music.

Darshae Kiér had a rough start in life, entering the foster care system after the untimely death of his parent. He was shuffled from foster home to foster home, but this only made him stronger, and he grew through adversity. From being an orphan to a military veteran to being a musician, Darshae created his music path and quickly became a notable artist. ‘Gone’ EP personifies that he is doing it his way with an unburdened attitude of “build it and they will come.” Indeed, Darshae becomes better and better every time he releases a new project, and it won’t be surprising to see him on top of the charts soon. Make sure to follow Darshae Kiér via his Instagram to know more about his upcoming endeavors.

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