The Anticipation Is High with Psyclo’s Upcoming EP ‘Slaughter House’

Get ready for a dark and grim musical punch with Psyclo’s new EP Slaughter House,’ dropping on May 6 worldwide.


Featuring dark emotions, pain, and musical superiority, Psyclo is all set with her upcoming EP, Slaughter House. This long-awaited project consists of indulgent lyricism along with a hypnotic musical arrangement that certainly won’t fail to hit the listeners with raw realness. There is an ample amount of poignant elements as the tracks depict the painful side of the artist’s life and experience. The deeper and darker emotions that often do not come out are evident in these tracks. Psyclo has masterfully created this project that not only showcases her skills, creativity, and emotions but also resonates with the hearts of global listeners.

Born in Yingkou, China, Psyclo is recognized as an artist with wide exposure and a lingual approach, making her one of the most seasoned artists in this generation. Earlier, this talented music artist has dropped many hard-hitting singles like ‘Freaks,’ ‘City Blood Bank,’ and many others that reflect her creative persona. Her latest release, ‘Trephination,’ is another musical hit that received positive acknowledgments from critics. Music helps her channel pain and insecurities, and the upcoming project Slaughter House will be the proof of that. Catch the artist on Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram to have a taste of her dark musical collection.


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