Senior Vice President of U.S. Chamber of Commerce Choksy: “Turkey and the U.S. have a common understanding of the circumstances.”

Bloomberg HT Correspondent Ali Cinar interviewed KhushChoksy, Senior Vice President of US Chamber of Commerce regarding the Turkish-American trade relationship

Senior Vice President Choksy emphasized that the Turkish-American partnership in trade is growing, and this rapid growth continues, especially in the defense and aviation industries. Choksy highlighted that the healthcare industry in Turkey is well-funded and robust but noted some distress in the Turkish finance market, which he believes is recovering to continue the growth. He also said Ford and Amazon have operations in Turkey, and the number of Turkish investors in the U.S. is also increasing.

“We see the investments of the Turkish investors in the U.S., especially in the white goods industry. We observed an increase in medical products in the health industry. Godiva investment, which I like as well, is also important.” Vice President Khush Choksy  added . Choksy underlined that Turkey needs energy, and the U.S. has provided help regarding this issue.

The U.S. is an essential ally of Turkey.

Senior Vice President Choksy said, “Not many American people are aware of this, but following the U.S., Turkey has the second-largest number of military personnel in NATO. The S400 problem is hard to address, but Turkey and the U.S. have a common understanding of the circumstances.”

Choksy noted that the Russo-Ukrainian War was a game-changer and said, “it may help us leave the problem this conundrum (S400) behind and look ahead. After underlining that Turkey’s unmanned aerial vehicles play an instrumental role in Ukraine, Choksy emphasized that the first steps taken to modernize the current F16 and sell new F-16 to Turkey may be an essential step for solving the current problems.

Regarding the Russian S400 missiles issue, “Turkey’s return to the F-35 program will be necessary and Turkey was an essential part of this system within the F-35 program . There is growth in the commercial aviation industry apart from the defense industry and the partnership between the U.S. and Turkey within NATO could strengthen the relationship.”Senior Vice President Choksy stated.

Turkish American trade volume was 27 billion dollars according to the U.S. Census Bureau last year.



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