Adrian John Szozda Is Showcasing His Creative Talent on the Latest Album ‘Night Owl’

The newest album ‘Night Owl’ from skillful artist Adrian John Szozda is turning the listeners’ heads. The diverse and unique presentation is mesmerizing in all senses.


Join the musical ballad of gifted artist Adrian John Szozda with his 3rd album Night Owlas this piece of art has grabbed the attention of all listeners worldwide. The album is home to 10 beautifully composed tracks that are equally charming and addictive to the ears of the listeners. With his previous albums and singles, the artist has proven his immense talent for songwriting and singing and this latest album stays true to his talent. Adrian’s album is like a breath of fresh air, enriched with well-written verses and praiseworthy compositions that are an incredible blending of different genres.

Adrian John Szozda is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who has delivered some extraordinary and exceptional performances through the 10 tracks in the album Night Owl’. All the songs in this album hold their unique way of expressing and unveiling a story that is perfectly paired with the musically tranquil compositions. The album creates a vibe of retro music that is filled with folk and country music, blended with utter perfection. The musical arrangement on most of the tracks follows the same blended genres; however, the artist has kept the unique shock by introducing reggae beats in the middle with the track ‘Father Forgive Me’.

The tracks bear the artist’s caliber as a songwriter as the tracks take the listeners to his world of emotions and feelings which captivates the listeners the most. The well-written lyrics and verses showcase the artist’s talent for conveying his art and message to the audience. The artist’s vocal performances on this album stand as proof of his artistic growth and maturity. Some of the songs on this album are ‘Mischievous Song’, ‘Rum Rum’, ‘Hard People’, ‘Moonlite’, etc. You can listen to the full album on Spotify and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and his website.


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