The Promising Pop Music Artist from Perth, O’Neill Fernandes Has Released Two New Tracks

Musical genius the talented Pop music artist from Perth, O’Neill Fernandes is back with two brand new tracks, ‘The Last Time’ and ‘You Make Me Feel’.

O'Neill Fernandes

Pop music and the genre are extremely popular and have undoubtedly the most fans and listeners around the world. This music genre is celebrated by billions of fans and has given several artists careers, popularity, and fame. O’Neill Fernandes the gifted Pop music artist is a veteran artist in this genre and is currently on his 35th album that has gained support from an adequate number of listeners. Recently the artist has released two brand new tracks on his current album, titled The Last Time and You Make Me Feel, making the listeners groove with catchy tunes and beats. The tracks can light up any room and the moods of the audience with their finest compositions.

Needless to say, these are cover songs of the old classics by the same name with a modern twist that shows O’Neill Fernandes’ caliber as an artist. Even though he is covering the tracks that have already been composed, he has added his own element, an extra twist that made the tracks very simple yet addictive. The catchy hooks and the melodic guitar tunes of both these tracks, ‘The Last Time’ and ‘You Make Me Feel’ has created an enjoyable experience for the listeners. Expanding his reach with every release, this Pop music artist from Perth has the perfect dance-ready bangers on his discography. His other songs have similar vibes which are ‘Lady Rose’, ‘I Was Made For Dancing’, ‘Shut Up And Dance’, ‘Saturday Night’, ‘Country Girl’, ‘Modern Love’, ‘Levitating’, ‘Save Me’, etc. are available on Soundcloud. For further updates, follow him on Facebook and Youtube.

For more tracks of O’Neill Fernandes, Please go through the below link:

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