Chairman Of Shincheonji Repeatedly Appeals To Pastors To Verify The Fulfillment Of Revelation He Has Seen And Heard

Chairman Lee address the pastors over Zoom on Oct 1st

Chairman Lee of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, appealed to the pastors this weekend to achieve God’s will together through a sincere testimony of faith in the most recent seminar, “The Book of Revelation I saw and heard.”

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Chicago, Illinois Oct 6, 2022 ( – Shincheonji Church of Jesus (“Shincheonji”) presented “The Book of Revelation I Have Seen and Heard” on October 1st, 2022 at 10:30am and 7pm CST. The seminar, “The Book of Revelation I Have Seen and Heard” is the 6th in a series of seminars delivered by the Chairman of Shincheonji, Chairman Lee Man-hee, especially directed towards pastors and congregations who are believers of Christ and have the hope of heaven.

As often mentioned in his seminars, Chairman Lee asks listeners to point out any mistakes regarding anything he has said according to the Bible if they exist.  At the heart of the seminar, which covered the actual events of the book of Revelation, Chairman Lee said. “I am the one who saw all this [events of Revelation 1 to 22]. If I keep my mouth shut, I am not doing what God wants.” 

Chairman Lee took viewers through the start of his life of faith, from the time he saw a star with his father, through the time he met Jesus coming from the East near his hometown,  and even as he began seminars in his country and created the 12 tribes of Shincheonji – “All these things are made according to the roadmap, the way the Bible said”. 

Prior to this latest seminar series, Chairman Lee and Shincheonji taught the entire Bible from elementary parables to the logic of the bible and the entire book of Revelation in less than a year. The results of those seminars have included pastors, churches and seminaries signing MOUs to request the teaching materials.  Over 3,500 MOUs have been signed as of September 2022. 

Through the series delivered by Chairman Lee, pastors and attendees have learned that the prophecies of Revelation are currently being fulfilled such as the COVID pandemic being the fulfillment of the great tribulation promised in Revelation and that now is the time of harvest mentioned in Matthew 13 and Revelation 14. In addition, the true meaning of the war promised in Matthew 24 was clearly explained, and even the true meaning of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life mentioned in Genesis 2. 

In this latest seminar, Chairman Lee affirmed that Shincheonji would win if any pastor of any doctrine should take a test on the book of Revelation against any Shincheonji member. This is because Shincheonji masters Revelation through taking exams, showing those who are sealed according to the Bible. 

The reason why and how Chairman Lee is able to deliver clear teachings from the Bible was shared during the upcoming seminar, “The Book of Revelation I Have Seen and Heard” on October 1st. He affirms that his testimony is a true testimony stating, “I am only speaking what I have seen and heard.” 

For Pastors, the question remains, “will you accept the one who has seen and heard?” At the conclusion of the seminar, Chairman Lee advised pastors, “you need to know what you don’t know”, that is, to know the book of Revelation without adding to it or taking away from it since those who do so won’t go to heaven (Revelation 22:18-19).”

To watch the seminar titled, “The Book of Revelation I Have Seen and Heard”, you may access it here:

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