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Volt Inu on MelegaSwap

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- New Delhi, Delhi Jan 8, 2023 ( – MelegaSwap announces the release of the Ethereum and Binance smart chain-based hyper-deflationary and functionality token, VOLT INU (VOLT), on Melegaswap’s farms and pools. Users can now earn BNB rewards with over 300 APR by staking their VOLT tokens in liquidity pools.

Users now also have the chance to stake their MARCO token on Melega’s “Pools” page to earn VOLT tokens with a current APR of about 500% as of press time. However, the Volt Inu (VOLT) pool’s annual percentage rate (APR), total pool balance, blocks, and other important information will be updated in real-time, much like other pools.

The VOLT token is already listed on 79 different centralized exchanges, such as MEXC Global, Hotbit, Consbit, Latoken,, Poloniex, etc. It is also available on 27 DEXs, including their native DEX (Voltichange) and Melegaswap, as well as 5 fiat gateways

On Melegaswap, users may buy VOLT tokens by navigating to the trading page HERE, connecting their wallet, choosing “VOLT” to trade, entering the desired quantity of VOLT tokens, and then approving the transaction in their wallet.

Users may now stake their VOLT tokens in the VOLT-BNB pair on Melegaswap’s staking webpage once they have them in their wallets. Likewise, users may stake VOLT to gain MARCO, our flagship cryptocurrency token, at a high APR and low risk.

After staking, users may claim their rewards and redeem them whenever they want, with their tokens and proceeds heading directly into their personal wallets. However, users are free to withdraw their crypto stakes from the pool at any moment and instantly engage in any other Melegaswap pools, such as MARCO token MXMX, 2G Carbon Coin (2GCC), GIOTTO, TEDDY, and multiple others.

About Volt Inu (VOLT)

VOLT is an ecosystem aiming to be a one-stop shop providing DeFi products while bringing profits back to the native token to sustain its deflationary purpose. The ecosystem oversees a treasury that gives investors access to all asset classes, including altcoins, nodes, NFTs, staking/farming, and digitalized stocks.

The Volt Inu (VOLT) ecosystem also offers a decentralized exchange (DEX), which enables web3 projects to list without requiring permission and allows them to become deflationary by using their supply in order to sustain their potential value growth over time.

Also included is the creation of a unique NFT collection, which will grant users exclusive access to upcoming releases and fun benefits, real-life meetups and events, as well as exclusive rights and income inside the VOLT ecosystem.

The ecosystem’s use cases and functionalities are not in any way limited to only these, as they strive to make VOLT INU a token accessible to everyone with countless utilities for its holders.

For instance, VOLT INU is in partnership with the Crypto Cart, a platform that enables users to spend their cryptocurrencies just like fiat currencies on real-life items, but anonymously. This provides more ways for VOLT holders to make good use of their tokens–in this case, to easily spend on real-world assets from over 1,700 suppliers.

Moreover, VOLT is listed on Okse, a web3 crypto prepaid and debit card. This decentralized solution allows users to pay with the multi-utility token at over 60 million shops in more than 170 countries within the Visa network.

Volt Inu (VOLT) token details

Name: Volt Inu

Ticker: VOLT

Decimals: 9

Type: Hyper-deflationary

Total Supply: 69,000,000,000,000

Networks: Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Smart Contract: Etherscan | BscScan

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