Modern Blend of Smooth Jazz in Clark Ford’s New Single ‘Meant To Be’ Is Overflowing the Souls

Meant To Be


‘Meant To Be’ is the latest single by talented artist Clark Ford that is blowing the minds of listeners with its smooth jazz blend and charismatic lyrics.


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Ames, Iowa Jan 30, 2023 ( – The musically jolly and colorful track Meant To Be’ is finally been released on all major music streaming platforms and the track is already creating quite a buzz in the industry. This track is a smooth jazz duet between the extremely talented Clark Ford and Underground Treehouse. The song is performed by the featuring artist Underground Treehouse and is written by Ford. The audience from all over is praising the musical piece, and after just a short time since its release, the track is already performing so well. This prolific musical piece can easily become the most-streamed track of the artist’s discography and gain him the global recognition he has been waiting for and so well deserves.

The recently launched track by Clark Ford is the perfect follow-up of his legacy in the music industry. Since he debuted in the music industry, he has always brought the perfect modern blend of smooth jazz with his musical releases. The latest release ‘Meant To Be’ is the perfect single that reflects the incredible talent of the artist. The musical genius Ford is known for his emotive and expressive songwriting which is the ideal storytelling listeners search for in tracks. He has written songs in several genres such as pop, country, rock, blues, jazz, and Christian contemporary, and in every category, he has delivered brilliance. Listen to his previous works – “In My Heart,” “Anthem”, “We Must Have Angels”, “I’m Lookin’ At You” and “You’re The Best” on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Reverbnation, and his website for more insights.

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