Denny Kidd is proud to be a “Loser” on new album


Denny Kidd showcases personal battles, stories and mental illness on his debut Hard Rock/Hip-Hop album “Loser”.


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Louisville, Kentucky Mar 4, 2023 ( – Have you ever been called a loser? What about just being put down, called a nobody, and told that your dreams are a waste of time and that you’ll never be anything?

Denny Kidd’s debut album “Loser” is releasing on March 11, 2023, and is an album for the underdogs. This 7-track Hard Rock/Hip-Hop album is a soundtrack of Kidd’s last 2-years of life. In 2022 – Kidd would find his Father deceased and one week later, his Mother would pass away unexpectedly. During this time, Kidd was also fighting for personal freedom and exiting a toxic marriage.

In the past, Kidd would always utilize music or passions as a sense of escape / or “medicine.” Kidd suffered severely from depression and nearly almost ended his own life.

Kidd started focusing entirely on his musical identity and kept a notebook during these unfortunate times. This led to the rock/rap anthems on his album “Loser.”

This album is a perfect blend of musical diversity and proves that the bad times in life can be used as good; showcasing perseverance – that listeners of any genre or victims of life’s defeats will all be able to hold on to.

Even though…Denny Kidd has labeled himself a “Loser”… he has proven that he is indeed ‘a loser to be reckoned with.’

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