Venture on an Ethereal Trip with VDXi’s ‘Nightfall Serenade’

VDXi’s latest track ‘Nightfall Serenade’ stands as a paragon of his musical brilliance and shines bright with the sublimity of its faultless production and design.


The hauntingly immersive and captivating piano with a backdrop of intense and adept instrumentation invoking elements across a variety of genres, the dreamy and cinematic number by VDXi, ‘Nightfall Serenadeis a priceless addition to his rich musical treasure trove. The interweaving layers of melody comprising soothing and hypnotic classical instruments against a gritty background of electronic elements give the track a uniqueness that makes it an addictive listening experience. The stunning arrangements and flawless production to its core, leave the listeners intrigued, impressed, and connected. There is an impression of the artist weaving his personal emotions into this melodic fabric that gives it an organic vibe and causes the tunes to pierce deep into the soul of the listeners and invoke similar passions in them.

The production resembles something of a neo-classical rock opera, taking the audience into an alternative realm of musicality that induces deep contemplation with provocative results. The ethereal vibe of the song justifies the title and Nightfall Serenade becomes a glorious musical piece. The artist’s deft maneuvering of the piano keys gives the song a timeless effect that resonates on a higher platform and exudes the creative genius of the artist who composed the piece. To listen to this song as well as others by VDXi, like ‘December’s Flight’ and ‘Voice Of The Mountains’, hop into Soundcloud.

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