UU.Game gives clients fun time and unexpected fortune

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UU.Game gives clients fun time and unexpected fortune

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Gozo and Comino, Malta Mar 19, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – UU.Game is an online casino where customers can use crypto and fiat currencies to play games. Not only it gives enjoyment and excitement, but also users may have a big fortune on the platform. uu.game already has experience in the industry for quite some time, which is why they know the customers’ needs and wants. Apart from cash flow, the company pays high attention to the satisfaction of customers all the time.

UU.Game has many more to offer

Currently, the platform offers almost 4000 games for its users. They include slots, live casinos, blockchain games, poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, lottery, etc. Moreover, the Sports and E-Sports sections are for people who love betting. Lucky Hash, 1U Treasure, and Battle usually bring crypto enthusiasts profit. For instance, Big Atlantis, Lucky Farm, and Rueda De Chile are favourite games among registered users on the website. They turn the spin while playing those hot slot games to get similar elements, as a result, they get coins. Pirate Golden Age, Fruit Party, Soccer Mania, and Sword Of Ares are considered high-welfare games and bring wealth.

Activities by UU.Game

The online casino offers 6 promotions at present. The first one is “Lucky Spin! 5 BTC”, which is one of the best gifts for players by UU.Game. The daily maximum winning is 5 BTC in this event. Users can participate in the carousel event for free and can get a chance to turn the carousel every 12 hours. The reward amount depends on the final display result of the carousel. Anyway, the user gets any kind of cryptocurrency in a different amount and can withdraw immediately.

And next is “Registration Rewards 100 UUB”. Members will receive 100 UUB upon successful registration at UUGame. UUB exchange method is ‘click wallet-currency exchange’. The bonus amount depends on the deposit amount.

“Deposit Bonus 1200%, Up To $888 888” is waiting for players as well. For 1st deposit, of 10 USDT or above, a user gets a 240% bonus minimum. For the 4th deposit of 100 USDT or above, users get a 400% bonus maximum. The presented rewards will be uniformly distributed to the balance of the user’s account by the system.

And “UU.GAME 1 UUB=1 USD”. UUB is a special currency launched by UUGame. 1 UUB=1 US dollar, and players can use UUB to play games, tips, coins, and so on. The locked UUB is obtained through certain bonuses, such as deposit bonuses, top-ups, and lucky spins. Unlocking UUB is not difficult, it is unlocked proportionally by betting: unlock amount=bet amount*1%*40%. When a user places a bet, the unlocked amount will be at least 10 UUB according to the installation ratio. After clicking ‘Receive’, the unlocked UUB will be transferred directly to the balance. The most exciting thing is that the value of 1 UUB is tied to the price of 1 USDT, and users can exchange UUB for other currencies at any time.

There is also a “Bet And Get Rebate Up To 20%” activity. Rakeback leads getting bonuses for every bet. The more active user is, the more loyal he is, and the more he could win back. Rakeback is a bonus that is accrued for each bet made in in-house games and slots. It depends on the current rank. Rakeback can be found on the left upper corner of the platform sidebar. Bonus will be credited in the currency used by the user. Bonus doesn’t expire after accumulation, so one may claim it at any time. Rakeback is calculated according to a special formula. Customers can always check and calculate what percentage of Rakeback they receive: Rakeback=Wager–House Edge –Rank coefficient. Rakeback – the amount of Rakeback users get increases as his VIP levels do. Users will earn either 10%, 12%, 14%, 16%, 18%, or 20%. Rebate Amount=Bet Amount*(Basic Rebate Ratio*VIP Addition Factor). Commission rebate time: settlement every 30 minutes.

Last but not least, “Higher VIP Level, More Rewards” is a special one. The more the user plays, the more luxurious benefits he gets, and he will be promoted through the VIP level to become an Elite VIP member, UUGame provides unlimited VIP customized benefits. The VIP level system has set up multiple VIP secret treasures. The rewards increase with the level of the VIP card. It contains Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Supreme cards. Each VIP upgrade will get the corresponding UUB. Using UUB, players can play games, increase rebates or deduct withdrawal fees. V01 level presents Secret Treasure: the higher the level, the more surprises. And this level gives Gift Coins too – there each VIP level has free rewards. V0 has Rakeback – each bet, regardless of amount, gets up to a 20% rebate. Finally, level 22 gives an opportunity for Free Withdrawals – a daily free withdrawal quota.

Ultimately, UU.Game has got many new offers and deals upcoming soon. Get ready for it, register, deposit, play, and win big to reach a high standard of living!

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