TAPA APAC Partners Certif-ID to Unveil Blockchain-Powered Digital Credentials for Global Supply Chain Stakeholders

New Digital Certificate System authenticates TAPA APAC’s membership and Standards certifications to provide trust, transparency and credibility.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Singapore, Singapore Feb 23, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Transported Asset Protection Association Asia Pacific (TAPA APAC), a leading association for supply chain resilience and sustainability, today unveiled its new Digital Certification System, launched in partnership with Certif-ID. The new blockchain-powered digital credential system effectively allows the association to issue digital certificates from 2023 onwards, providing greater trust, transparency, and authenticity for the global supply chain industry.

TAPA Standards certifications (TAPA APAC Membership Certificates, TAPA Authorized Auditor Training Certificates, and TAPA FSR/TSR/GSR Standards Certificates) are major factors for companies to identify resilient and sustainable supply chain players to collaborate with for their businesses. Hence, the authenticity of TAPA credentials is a major concern for the industry and the association has been searching for a blockchain solution to issue instant-verifiable credentials in a secured, controlled manner.

Certif-ID offered an end-to-end blockchain solution for TAPA APAC to digitize and automate their entire Standards and membership certificate issuance process. With Certif-ID, TAPA APAC could issue hundreds of digital certificates within minutes using the association’s certificate design. The digital certification process saves all encrypted certification data securely in cloud technology and allows the stakeholders to keep track of the process easily within the platform while being centrally controlled by the TAPA APAC Office.

Digital credentials are issued to the TAPA APAC member’s email, after validation and compliance checks. Members can confidently share the credentials earned with anyone or on their social media, and each credential can be verified instantly by scanning the QR code that it carries. When scanned, the code takes the verifier to TAPA APAC’s controlled and owned landing page that articulates full credential details as proof of authenticity.

“We are extremely proud of our partnership with Certif-ID to digitize and secure our certificate issuance process. This digital solution brings tremendous value – credibility, authenticity, transparency, and trust for our members and the entire global supply chain. Member companies are now showcasing their TAPA Standards certifications and individual members have also shared their attained skill sets from our training. The platform has hence increased our associations’ awareness and reach significantly and we look forward to creating greater value for our members with the in-depth analytics provided by Certif-ID”, said Mr. Tony Lugg, Chairman of TAPA APAC.

Mr. Tim Miller, Co-Founder & CEO of Certif-ID, “We are pleased to have helped TAPA APAC solve one of the supply chain industry’s biggest threats to the Standards credential issuance process – authenticity. This partnership has clearly shown the association’s commitment to being the leading association for global supply chain resilience and creating more value for its members. We are excited to celebrate TAPA APAC’s successful step towards digitalization and automation, and we foresee a revolutionary change in the supply chain credential issuance space.”

About TAPA
The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is the leading global association that unites supply chain industry leaders and organizations with the common aim of upholding the highest standards of supply chain resilience and sustainability. TAPA members include Manufacturers & Shippers; Logistic Service Providers; Supply Chain Solution Service Providers; Security Service Providers; Insurance Providers; Parking Place Operators; Independent Audit Bodies; Law Enforcement Agencies, Government Entities & Customs Partners; Academic Partners, and others.

About Certif-ID
Certif-ID is one of the world’s leading blockchain-based credentialing platforms, enabling organisations to securely issue, track and verify digital credentials and digital badges. Headquartered in Germany and with offices across Asia, Certif-ID’s credentialing engine is applied across a number of use cases, including education, auditing, product safety, supply chain, and sustainability. The platform provides a number of enterprise features including premium integrations, white labelling, a directory wallet, and career guidance and support. With Certif-ID, our partners are able to build verified digital communities and create new data-driven solutions for their clients and networks.

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TAPA Asia Pacific
TAPA is an international forum that focuses on reducing losses in supply chains through globally recognised standards, certification audits and real-time supply chain information incident system.
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