7 year old Hydrocephalus Survivor makes history as she model in New York Fashion Week

Model Kaliyah Cooper  photography Eye lens visuals

Kaliyah Cooper from Bluefield Mercer County
West Virginia USA has not let the world or her condition stop her from chasing her dreams

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Bluefield, West Virginia Mar 27, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Kaliyah Cooper is a Survivor of Hydrocephalus at a very young age kaliyah undergo multiple types of procedures at 10 months old Kaliyah was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, Hydrocephalus- a build-up of fluid in the cavities deep within the brain. The extra fluid puts pressure on the brain and can cause brain damage It’s most common in infants and older adults something you usually born with, her’s developed when she was 10 months old and her first brain surgery when she was that age, she had her 2nd brain surgery last January 11th of this year to fix a malfunctioned piece in her VP shunt she underwent a life-saving brain operation through all of this and her condition kaliyah proves to the world that she is a fighter and she is unique and she can do anything that she dreams to achieve in her life.

In 2022 December kaliyah got an invitation to travel to New York City to walk for fashion with mission “New York Fashion Week “the show was being produced by Star Dreamers Production Runway International, that support model with disabilities, the young Model was the ambassador of the company and has received so many opportunities and that includes being featured in New York Times Square billboard, magazine and in films, and being part of the fashion week tour shows.

On Friday, February 11! 2023 at Hk, Hall New York City the West Virginia native walked the runway as a final model for award winning fashion designer
Rojen Morris, the model wear’s the blood moon collection” a collection that shows support with kids young and adults that are survivors.

Kaliyah is the youngest model to walk the runway unassisted at New York Fashion Week, and the first person with the condition ever to appear on the runway.

“It felt really good and proud to see my daughter so happy making her dream come true –,” said, “Alicia”, Kaliyah’s mom.

When we ask kaliyah what makes her special she says
“I am special because I share all my things with all my friends. I love to be nice and make people smile, I love my family, I just love everyone, I am very happy and thankful to my loving family most specially my supportive mother Alicia my father Wayne my brother’s Brandon, Kam’ron, Deion for all my family and relatives and friends for showing me unconditional love and support, I am proud to represent the hydrocephalus community to continue to bring pride, and joy to my community it means a lot to me.

“Kaliyahs condition affected her motor skills she was told she would never be able to be a normal kid because she have to relearn everything Assembling a Coordination Pattern, Gaining Control of the Coordinative Structure, Skilled Optimization of Control so relearning everything from crawling to walking or lift heavy objects unassisted due to her condition 
At the time she was disheartened — but she said she used her condition as motivation to “prove barriers are meant to be broken.”

Walking in New York Fashion Week — which runs from Friday to Sunday is the latest in a series of triumphs for the young model, at a very young age the West Virginia native competed in the International beauty competition and won and was crowned 2023 “Little Miss International Universal, Kaliyah is now also a brand ambassador for Walk for a cure foundation, which promotes mental health and continue to raise awareness of hydrocephalus and breaking barriers to all young and adults that have disabilities.

Though the West Virginia native
had her second brain surgery, she was advised by friends and family to slow down in traveling for this events but never quit pursuing her dream, Kaliyah has come to realize how much the fashion events guide her and made her feel more special.

Having this condition and having this identity has inspired me in that we’re all put on this earth for a reason. Every single one of us has a purpose and that’s why, I love what I do it helped me find,” my purpose, Kaliyah added, I want to continue to represent strength and beauty for people with disabilities, and to all women and kids that undergone the same condition as mine, I hope to continue to be an inspiration within the Hydrocephalus community. “Because I know there is a lack of representation in the community with people with disabilities and conditions like mine is rare though I want to send my message to all young boys and girls with disability and Hydrocephalus do your best to be strong and stay true to yourself and trying something new and follow your dreams.

Kaliyah is also looking forward to being featured in the international magazine and in a local music video to support local artists and she will be featured in a short film this year, since her 2021 modeling debut in New York Fashion Week Kaliyah has been looking forward to attending and support this Charleston heart ball in April 1st, West Virginia fashion week on May 27 and New York and Paris fashion week this fall as an ambassador I will continue to show support for star dreamers production because the company supports a model with disabilities and this gives me a way to promote my hydrocephalus platform.

I hope that more people with the same condition that I have will find a way to love themselves,” she said.

“The feeling of overcoming something and the feeling of being put out there and being cheered on is something everyone should feel,” Kaliyah added. “Often, with a disability and in my condition, I hear ‘poor you.’ It can’t be like that anymore.” and it can change, Keep going! Keep trying! Never give up! You can always practice no matter what! You can do anything you want to do in life We all have dreams and I believe all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.


Model Kaliyah Cooper  photography Eye lens visualsHydrocephalus SurvivorKaliyah Cooper crowned Little Miss International Universal 2023Kaliyah Cooper Walk in NYFW

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