Yogasuper- A Company Founded on Principles of Yoga

Yogasuper Migraine Cap

A Socially Responsible EU- startup offering Scientifically Proven, Ethically produced, Cruelty Free & Harsh Chemical Free Products.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Tallinn, Harju Apr 19, 2023 ( – Yogasuper is a Health and Wellness Company born in Estonia, Europe, which operates in accordance with the Ethics of Yoga, which is a set of principles known as the “Yamas“.  It is not widely understood, but yoga is about much more than just flexibility and physical wellbeing. So much of the essence of this 5,000-year-old practice lies in the philosophy and its set of values. The difference between Yogasuper and the other players in the market is that it is built in a way that blends business with the principles of yoga. This adherence to the five “Yamas” is demonstrated most visibly in the company’s complete honesty and openness in its PR, marketing, in its internal workings, and in its dealings with all stakeholders. Based on data found on Pigu. lt, reviews & comments, the company is rated very highly & recommended by 100% of users (only verified purchases). The company is committed to Supporting Ukraine and pledged 10% of its profits towards aid to Ukraine (Source: Interfax Ukraine).

Yogasuper says they design impactful products which are based on scientific evidence, thorough research & pass several quality tests before reaching the user. Yogasuper has a very interesting & diverse product line, it includes Migraine relief cap (A non-drug & effective way to relieve headaches & Migraines), Pregnancy support belts (scientifically proven to aid healthy pregnancies), Vegan & silk face sheet masks (Certified by V-label Italia), Under eye masks, Facial Ice Rollers, Facial Slimming Belts, Jaw-trainers & nutraceuticals manufactured in FDA approved facility and powered by ayurvedic superfoods such as AshwagandhaMaca-root, curcumin (immunity booster), etc. 

We further tried to dig into their products and did a small independent research; the outcomes were pleasantly surprising. The first one, is their bestseller, Yogasuper Migraine Cap; The results suggest that it is a reliable & effective solution for headache relief. This cap has passed stringent quality tests and is highly anticipated by the scientific community over the other synthetic headache drugs available. The relief cap is a hot and cold therapy cap that offers full coverage for fast & natural relief from all types of headaches. It is first headache solution to offer 360 degree coverage with gentle pressure on each “point of relief” for instant & healthy headache relief. The base construction is a light-weight ultra soft fabric that fits all, meaning it is made of stretchable lycra material. The second one was Yogasuper Pregnancy Belt,  as we understand, there are a few unavoidable concerns related to the pregnancy period of a woman that needs support for their body without disturbing their daily schedule. Reviews suggested Yogasuper Pregnancy Belt is highly effective and aids pregnant women in carrying out their day-to-day activities of personal or professional life without getting bothered by the weight and pressure of pregnancy.

The company website says these products are available in  Deutschland via Amazon & in Baltics via, but the company says they will soon be available worldwide. 

In the words of founder Mr. H.Mann: “We are the real deal. We have everything to show, nothing to hide. We see the Earth and our effect on it. We see others and our effect on them. We want to offer products that are not only clean but also sustainable, created ethically, and that bring value to our customers. Our products undergo intense quality checks before being delivered to customers. We believe that for products to be truly cruelty-free the entire process must be ethical – from design and materials through to creation and production. All of our products are created by a fantastic production team. The staff are paid fairly and they have fair working hours. Women’s rights in the workplace are cared for.                                                                                                         

The company is absolutely committed to doing the best possible and the least harm;
Actively making the world a better place through what it does such as through the
improving the value its products offer;
Being actively inclusive and anti-racist, anti-transphobic, anti-sexist, and so on;
Sourcing all products ethically and ensuring that everyone in the supply chain is treated
well and paid a fair wage for their work;
Having a daily gratitude practice including thanking suppliers and customers on a regular

Yogasuper website says that “Reputation is incredibly important to them” and they stand for products which are Natural (as far as possible)  Sustainable & No Harsh Chemicals Authentic Ayurvedic Ingredients  Social Responsibility Cruelty Free Fair Trade Sourcing Inclusivity Giving Back

Given how things are in the world, it is clear that The truth is that beauty giants are often guilty of using misleading practices. A review of websites by global consumer authorities found 4 in 10 companies were promoting products and services in a way that could be misleading (Source: The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority). What is needed is total commitment to causes of ethics and sustainability combined with total honesty and with companies like Yogasuper, it seems like their is still hope for ethical businesses.

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Yogasuper Pregnancy BeltYogasuper Sheet masksYogasuper Sheet MasksYogasuper Facial Slimming Belt

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