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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Arlington, Washington Apr 27, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – The emergence of ChatGPT, a large language model technology, is a significant milestone in the era of AGI. However, as the AGI process accelerates, more technology companies are utilizing open-source models to create better products than ChatGPT for specific tasks.

Recently, AutoGPT on GitHub has been rated over 100,000 stars. It provides users with a new type of human-machine interaction where users only need to set a goal without telling AI which tasks to complete step by step and can still achieve ideal results even for simple goals like “creating the best ice cream in the world.”

This may sound incredible already; however, an AI product called JUNLALA that surpasses AutoGPT’s functionality has recently emerged.

Whether it’s ChatGPT causing industry waves or Midjourney and Stable Difussion disrupting traditional painting industries or AutoGPT gaining momentum currently – these AI products can only handle text conversations or image generation separately while JUNLALA achieves better use in both text conversation and image generation functions.

No Barriers to User Creation

JUNLALA’s R&D team has developed multiple AI painting models based on the open-source Stable Diffusion base model, which simplifies the interaction command process and allows for a zero threshold for user creation. Users no longer need to input tedious prompts or master professional control parameters. Instead, they can use their own familiar language to describe what they want and select a few desired control options to quickly create an AI artwork. The pre-trained model is designed for targeted theme styles, so even if users do not enter descriptive text or select parameters, it can still output corresponding theme-style artworks. This provides a near-zero threshold AI drawing application for C-end users.

Compared with other AI drawing tools like Midjourney, JUNLALA’s self-developed drawing models greatly reduce the learning cost of tool usage for users. Furthermore, JUNLALA can meet professional needs in vertical scenarios through further training and tuning to truly achieve customized AI drawing. Currently supported themes include character design, landscape art, and artistic creation.

Rich Expert-level AI Dialogue Functionality

JUNLALA has developed a sophisticated AI text dialogue system by collecting and organizing data from multiple specialized fields. This system is based on ChatGPT’s natural language AI model, which has been fine-tuned to incorporate professional domain knowledge. As a result, JUNLALA offers unique and rich expert AI dialogue functionality that surpasses OpenAI’s capabilities.

To achieve this level of expertise, JUNLALA uses the OpenAI base model as a starting point and then fine-tunes it using self-organized language data. The resulting model is packaged for commercial use with specific prompts that allow users to engage in conversations with “experts” from any field. For example, users can ask an “English exam expert” how to score high on exams or consult with a “fitness coach” about ways to improve their abdominal muscles’ appearance.

Firm Commitment to Developing Large Language Models (LLMs)

As generative AI continues to grow rapidly, LLM technology will focus on an increasing scale. Currently, many large tech companies are investing in research and development for LLMs. JUNLALA is also closely monitoring various open-source LLMs while actively researching relevant technologies and preparing training datasets. In the future, JUNLALA plans to deploy its own natural language model that will provide customized AI solutions for specific scenarios and fields after being trained with professional corpora. Additionally, JUNLALA will combine it with its self-developed AI painting model to offer consumers and enterprise users better quality AI services.

After years of technological accumulation, JUNLALA has finally emerged and brought innovative and practical AI products to the public. As a significant participant in the era of artificial general intelligence, JUNLALA will continue to provide high-quality AI products and services for global customers while actively embracing technological changes. The team aspires to become a global leader in the field of artificial intelligence technology innovation by optimizing user experience as its core mission and striving to meet users’ needs in all aspects.

We believe that with its professional team adhering to the spirit of “long-term”,  JUNLALA can eventually grow into an industry unicorn, bringing more technological breakthroughs and changes to human society. In today’s rapidly changing world of AI technology, JUNLALA’s emergence undoubtedly brings more surprises to the public and makes us look forward with anticipation to the future.

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