Loudell Insley Invites Readers to Witness History in a Memoir that Recounts a Tumultous Time in Recent Memory

Life On A Road Less Travelled




(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Salisbury, Maryland May 3, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – In Robert Frost’s The Road Less Travelled, the speaker searches for the route that appears less worn while deciding which path to take. The speaker claims in the poem’s conclusion that taking the “road less traveled” has “made all the difference,” implying that by living unconventionally, they found happiness.

In her book, Life On A Road Less Traveled: Or, Memoirs from Behind the Scenes of History, Loudell invites readers to become witnesses to some of the most tumultuous events in history through her experiences.

Author Loudell Insley describes her firsthand experiences working with Senators Edward M. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy during the latter’s presidential campaign. Insley invites readers into a rarely-seen world in this fascinating book. From 1965 through 1970, Insley worked for Senator Edward M. Kennedy. Although Edward was overshadowed by his relatively more famous brother, Insley got the chance to watch him develop into a prominent figure in the US Senate. Insley, who was on loan to Robert F. Kennedy for the duration of his presidential campaign in 1968, accompanied the candidate on his disastrous western swing and was present on the traumatic assassination day, and went to his state funeral. Insley reflects on choosing a different course in life than what was initially planned for her in the 1960s and how that changed her. After her stint with the Kennedys, she worked for the Democratic National Committee during the Watergate break-in, then the Peace Corps’ publicity office. She eventually relocated back to Maryland to live and work. But, her experiences during some of this country’s most crucial periods had led her down a route that few would ever get the chance to take.

Loudell Insley may have chosen the road less traveled, but the road she took also ushered in some of the most historic events scrutinized by every person in the country. This insightful read tells us of a unique experience and a lifetime of lessons as the author treads the path, she forged by herself. It will make us ponder and share the joy and difficulties with her. Many people avoid the road less traveled because this road presents more challenges, but this road also has its surprises and more compelling rewards waiting for those courageous enough to tread it.

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ISBN: 9781462057023

Book Title: Life On A Road Less Traveled: Or, Memoirs from Behind the Scenes of History

Author: Loudell Insley

Publisher: iUniverse

Represented by: Great Writers Media

Published Date: October 24, 2011

Book Genre: Travel, Travel & Explorer, Memoirs, Biographies, Personal

About the Author

Loudell Insley was born and reared in Salisbury, Maryland, where she lives today. Her uncommon road led her from the political world of Washington, D.C. to Frank Perdue’s world of chickens. Then stepping way out of her comfort zone, she tested her endurance abilities at Outward Bound, a survival school. She entered real estate sales in 1976 and continues to be a successful, full-time realtor.

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