Ecstatically Brilliant Pop music artist from Perth O’Neill Fernandes is back with ‘Mother’s Love…Vol.3’

In this intimate gesture to celebrate Mother’s Day, this Pop music artist from Perth has won many hearts. O’Neill Fernandes’s ‘Mother’s Love…Vol.3’ is truly gravitating.

O'Neill Fernandes

From movies that are almost 100 years old and Nat King Cole’s one of greatest releases, O’Neill Fernandes is here to celebrate music and the love he has for his mother and mother-in-law. The love, the connection between a child and his mother cannot be expressed with mere words. Similarly, the unique relationship that people find after they marry another person and accept more people into their life, the unique bond between a mother-in-law and his son-in-law is equally important and special. And in his recent release Mother’s Love…Vol.3he has offered 21 tracks that are close to his mother and some of the favorites of his late mother-in-law. This album is dedicated to all the mothers on this occasion of this International Mother’s Day. With brilliant diction, this artist has prolific musical qualities that made each of these tracks highly engaging.

One of the most precious traits of this Pop music artist from Perth has offered some greatly covered numbers. His rendition of Nat King Cole’s Love is truly a blissful release, which will make you take that memory lane when this track was the go-to number for all young hearts. Another charming release from this album Blue Hawaii is truly a heart-melting number and his skillful touch has made this track highly compelling. O’Neill Fernandes has offered some intriguing numbers like ‘Yakety Yak’, ‘Cimarron’, ‘Arrival’, ‘Frenesí’, ‘Adios Maria’, ‘Lemon Tree’, ‘Raunchy Guitar’, ‘Love’, and ‘Blue Hawaii’ in his recently launched album ‘Mother’s Love…Vol.3’. He dropped the album on International Mother’s Day to show his love and gratitude for his mother and his mother-in-law. Follow him for more on SoundCloud, YouTube, and Facebook.

Play this latest album ‘Mother’s Love…Vol.3’ by O’Neill Fernandes:


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