Lynn Knight Wilson Talks About Compassion and Love and Leads People to World Peace

The Way to World Peace

In the Launch of her Thought-Provoking Book

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Wilmington, Delaware May 10, 2023 ( – Since ancient times, the subject of religion has been complicated and multifaceted. Religions have different ideas about where they came from. Many theories, however, contend that religion developed as a result of human experiences and feelings, such as the need to explain the universe and natural phenomena, the quest for meaning and purpose in life, the need for consolation and comfort during difficult times, and the desire to feel connected to something bigger than oneself. Additionally, social and cultural factors like political and economic influence, the need for moral guidance, and social cohesion may have contributed to the development of religion.

The conflict in religion is just as complex as its history, with roots in various political, social, and cultural factors. Differences in beliefs, practices, and values have often led to tensions, violence, and wars throughout history. However, we can resolve the conflict through mutual respect, dialogue, and understanding. And, when we realize that we are all God’s creation, it will be easier to promote compassion, empathy, and respect for all life, leading to a more harmonious world.

Such is the message in the book of a debut author.

One God For All These People: Why Did God Put Us Here? is a moving book on love and our purpose in the world. It covers various subjects such as the teachings of Buddha, the relationship between Jews and Christians, support for individuals experiencing hardships in prison, and same-sex love in contemporary society. The book emphasizes the significance of world peace and the obligations of global leaders. It emphasizes the oneness of humanity and encourages readers to connect with God and express their inner light. The author, Lynn Knight Wilson, was born on the 7th day of the 7th month, and her grandfather, Wilson, inspired her to follow her heart and listen to God’s voice.

Lynn Knight Wilson’s writing is comforting and inspiring, and her debut book is an excellent resource for those seeking solace and meaning in their lives. Wilson also had the opportunity to talk about her book in a radio interview with Emmy award-winner, Kate Delaney. You can watch the interview here:



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Book Title: ONE GOD FOR ALL THESE PEOPLE: Why Did God Put Us Here?

Author: Lynn Knight Wilson

Represented by: Great Writers Media

Published Date: May 14, 2020

Book Genre: Religion and Spirituality, Comparative Religion, Philosophy of Religion, Theology, Interfaith Relations, Ethics, and Morality

About the Author

I was born on the 7th day of the 7th month, and I was born and raised in Southern California, My grandpa Wilson told me to follow my heart, so I can hear the voice of God, and that someday I would, “Assemble The People.” This is my first book and I hope to reach all people everywhere to awaken them through God’s love, giving them comfort and hope. I have a dog named Brandle and I enjoy nature, music, art, and all God’s precious wildlife that he gives us.


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