Stylist Kalpana Shah Performs Marathon Saree Draping for Straight 24 Hours in 226 Different Styles Enters Record Books

Kalpana Shah with Limca Book Certificates and Photos of her Performance

At 74, Mumbai based Kalpana Shah creates history with a marathon saree draping of straight 24 hours, showcasing 226 different draping styles! All in India’s 75th year of independence! Enters Limca Book of Records.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Mumbai, Maharashtra May 12, 2023 ( – An unheard of super human record was achieved by an Indian from Mumbai, Mrs. Kalpana Shah a 74 year old self-made Saree Draping Artist in April 2022 that has now being entered in Limca Book of Records.

This was

  • Draping Indian Cultural Attire Saree in different styles for straight 24 hours like a Marathon. In the record book, this is entered as  “Marathon Saree Draping”
  • Draping 226 different styles of Saree within 24 hours non-stop. In the record book this is entered as “Most Saree Styles Draped”

Highlights of this Human Story of Endurance and Speed both Physical as well as Mental is as below.

  • The Attempt Start Date and Time: Saturday,  9th April 2022 at 11.30 am
  • The Attempt End Date and Time: Sunday, 10th April 2022 at 11.30 am
  • Duration: 24 Hours (1440 Minutes) as per the guidelines from Limca Book of Records
  • Total Number of Saree Styles Draped: 226 Different Styles with no Repetition of any styles within 24 hours
  • The draping was done with live models in front of Video and Photos Cameras with Witnesses in different shifts operating non-stop.
  • Volume of Saree Draping Undertaken in 24 Hours: 1,193 meters of Sarees Draped. In other words 3,914 feet of Sarees in Length was draped.
  • Uniqueness of the Attempt was that 226 styles of Sarees were draped and not dupattas.
  • All the Saree Draped were well finished in a way that a person could wear them for any occasion, freely move, dance and be comfortable.
  • Different material of Sarees were used in Draping. From Crepe to Chiffon to Georgette to Banarasi to Kota to South Silk.
  • Sarees from mostly all the States of India were being draped from the State of Gujarat to Bengal, to Maharashtra to Assam to Kurgi to South of India.

Click here to open the Video Link of Kalpana Shah’s Saree Draping Record Achievement

About Kalpana Shah

Kalpana Shah (born 30th November 1948) is a self-made Indian professional saree draper/stylist, author and an entrepreneur. She resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She has been professionally pursuing the art of saree draping since the year 1985. She conducts saree draping lessons as well as workshops for women of all age groups. She also drapes saree for formal functions, shoots and wedding events.

To promote the culture of Indian Saree, in the year 2012 she has authored World’s First and only Coffee table book and a Reference guide “The Whole 9 Yards” that showcases how to drape an Indian Sari in various styles.

To suit the Digital Generation, in the year 2014, Kalpana Shah, also conceptualized and developed a Mobile App, “Learn Sari” on Google Play store and Apple App store.


–        In a career span of more than 40 years she has sari styled all aged women, best of Bollywood beauties, fashion A-listers, industrialists and crème de la crème.

 –       She can practically drape any length of saree, whether 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 yards.

–        She has been part of many saree draping film as well as photo shoots, events and celebrations.

–        She has been carrying out coaching classes and workshops on Saree draping since last 35 years now all across India.

–        She has researched and documented more than 300 different ways of draping a Saree.

–        She has also received extensive media coverage for her endeavours in this field and has been appreciated time and again for her contribution to the Cultural Attire of India.

Kalpana Shah’s endeavor has always been to unselfishly pass on her knowledge, skills and in depth understanding of this art form to the young and talented young women of India and across the globe and to ensure that Saree culture is preserved and promoted to generations.

Kalpana Shah promotes the rich culture of India through her art of Saree Draping.

She dedicates her this achievement to India’s Cultural Diversity in the 75th year of Independence. 

Social Media Accounts of Kalpana Shah are as below

Instagram of Kalpana Shah

Official Website of Kalpana Shah

Official Twitter Account of Kalpana Shah

Facebook Page of Kalpana Shah

YouTube Channel of Kalpana Shah

One Minute Video of Kalpana Shah’s Achievement

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Quick Video of 226 Different Saree Draping Styles Carried out in 24 Hours


Kalpana Shah with both her Limca Book Records CertificatesVarious Styling Pictures of Kalpana Shah during her 24 Hours Draping Marathon Stint in 226 StylesSelect Styling Pictures of Kalpana Shah during her 24 Hours Draping Marathon Stint in 226 StylesStyling Pictures of Kalpana Shah during her 24 Hours Draping Marathon Stint in 226 Styles

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