Eminent author and life coach Eric North sends a message of never giving up

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- New York City, New York Aug 23, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – The most celebrated life coach, Eric North has gained popularity as ‘The Happiness Warrior’. He has a newfound passion for leading people’s lives toward ultimate success and happiness. In his life, the coach has seen various struggles which he slowly but steadily overcame, and has dedicated his life to making other people overcome the same difficulties and challenges to find the ultimate solace. The best-selling author has now come up with a new motto that he thinks would highly benefit his followers, which is “It’s Never Too Late”. North says that the circle of life is complex and is like an ever-evolving process that determines the scope of human lives. According to him, who people think they are and who they actually are in reality are different which most of the time creates confusion.

North says the world works in a way that gives people constant reminders of their banality. This is why people spend too much time caring about what others think about them without revealing any answers. This results in creating an artificial environment that leaves little room for people to figure out reality and move forward with momentum and happiness. So North’s advice is to accept the fact that life is not just a series of random events but a journey that people can plot and navigate more fully when they are unashamed and unafraid to reveal their self-created powers and abilities. For this what everyone needs to do is to purposely learn and gain wisdom to make their lives more thoughtful and fulfilling.

‘The Happiness Warrior’ states that goals in life can be deceiving. Most of those goals that people have adopted are assigned by others which is why people often find themselves on the wrong track, unhappy. These goals are just based on the value of others and shamed into conforming to their desires and wishes. The path to reaching these goals is also often masked with illicit substances, alcohol, and a tendency to be swayed by conspiracy theories, and unbalanced political stances. When failed, this leads to many unhappy people who trick themselves into feeling miserable and unworthy, so they are quick to judge others and cast hate and blame on them. North also emphasizes the fact that titles are often misleading as well. Too often people find their identities in their roles in life without considering their thoughts and feelings. So he tells his followers to remember that what people do is not always the definition of who they are. People can always find new meaning in their lives when they know who they are and become conscious of those who choose to live as imposters.

North says people only become their best and authentic selves when their thoughts and actions are aligned with their core values and true nature. It is only then people become the most powerful version of themselves. At the same time, it is also important to embrace and understand their true selves in a process of shedding layers of false identity and pervasive social conditioning. This involves questioning our assumptions, behaviors, and beliefs so it is important to always be open to the possibility that what people think they know can be a misbelief. So the key is to believe that answers come from within. People can change their lives for the better when they embrace courage and intention to better navigate life’s uncertainties. North tells people to start by telling themselves aloud that they won’t live in fear in a voice that resonates with their spirit.

The world constantly bombards people with information and purposely targets stimuli. It is designed to confuse and control human thoughts and actions by people who seek to use them for gain and profit. So North advises to clear the past along with the mind. It is this cluttering of people’s minds that grows and takes over their consciousness as it hinders their ability to think, divides humans, and destroys their connections as a society. He states that a clear mind is always possible when people can be honest about who they are and understand their motivations. At the same time, it is important to learn how to quiet their minds to become more attuned to emotions. It is possible by learning to ignore our old ways of falling for self-created negative thoughts and emotions and visualizing a better picture of ourselves.

‘The Happiness Warrior’ says that people can gain a better understanding of how they are doing in life and how happy they feel requires a basic set of personal core values. So he advises people to ignore what doesn’t matter and focus on actions that have benefits. Simultaneously, people need to set manageable goals and understand that failure can be a valuable lesson to propel them forward. It is also important to take time each day to reflect on and review their actions while being focused on the present and being grateful for what life is revealing at this moment. The key is to learn how to show up for our lives is a valuable lesson that will always expand our experience and opportunities. Get more of ‘The Happiness Warriors’ valuable life lessons and guidance by visiting: https://www.thehappinesswarrior1.com/.

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