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CAC-H2 Pte Ltd & FACET Power Inc Join Forces for Global Sustainability

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Singapore, Singapore Aug 25, 2023 ( – In a ground-breaking collaboration, CAC-H2 Pte Ltd, a leading global integrated climate tech, finance, and project delivery company specializing in bioenergy innovation and  decarbonization solutions, and FACET Power Inc, a category defining US-based carbon negative energy and full cycle climate systems solutions company Powering African Climate Prosperity TM have signed a strategic Collaboration Agreement aimed at accelerating the deployment of innovative green energy, biochar, and nanocarbon projects in Africa.

FACET Power, renowned for its pioneering Complete Climate Solutions Energy EcoSystemsTM and CAC-H2, a driving force in the global energy transition, have joined hands to accelerate their shared carbon negative mission and set new performance standards for climate solutions.  

The companies will cooperate on design, development, and delivery of FACET Power’s Complete Climate Solutions Energy EcoSystemsTM project portfolios in Namibia, South Africa, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi and continued roll out across the continent.

The partnership is poised to drive the global development of carbon negative bioenergy & zero emissions fuels projects including: carbon negative base load renewable electricity, green bio-hydrogen, green bio-methanol, and green bio-ammonia.

About CAC-H2: CAC-H2 provides a suite of cutting-edge technologies and advanced waste to energy processes including gasification, boilers, and pyrolysis for converting biomass waste, agricultural & livestock residues, forestry waste, and others, into valuable bioenergy commodities such as clean syngas, biochar, biofuel, heat, & steam.

The technical team at CAC-H2 are distinguished by their expertise in engineering, design, and delivery of state-of-the-art clean energy facilities that play a pivotal role in curbing greenhouse gas emissions & reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Going beyond just sustainable electricity, these facilities amplify environmental impact by and substantially enhancing soil & air quality.

CAC-H2 will leverage its clean-energy technology expertise, vertically integrated climate finance capabilities, and global operating experience to compliment and catalyze serial deployment of FACET Power’s paradigm breaking integrated energy, carbon cycle, climate systems, and economic development solutions.

About FACET Power: FACET’s innovative holistic system design optimizes the climate, social, and economic impact of recycling biomass wastes. Through technology integrations addressing food, water, energy, waste, natural assets, advanced materials manufacturing, and community resilience FACET produces transformative outcomes for communities. natural ecosystems, supply chains, and private and public entities.  

FACET Complete Climate Solutions Energy EcoSystemsTM provide communities and the commercial sector with carbon negative baseload renewable electricity critical to energy independence, security, and economic growth.

FACET green bio-hydrogen, EV charging, and green methanol production strategically located along major trucking, mining, and maritime shipping corridors lays the foundation for Africa’s transition to zero emissions transportation and industrial sector decarbonization.

FACET biochar, bio stimulants, and nanocarbon products restore rainforests and critical habitats, protect threatened water resources, reclaim lost agricultural land, permanently remove carbon dioxide, establish advanced manufacturing capabilities, and stimulate local circular economies.

FACET’s robust social, environmental, and economic community benefits programs include biochar-based climate smart agriculture, climate resilient eco-infrastructure, community carbon credits, microgrids, rural jobs, entrepreneurship training and advancement of 14 of the U.N.’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Strategic Importance of the CAC-H2 & FACET Power Collaboration:

“We are delighted to partner with CAC-H2 to disrupt the timeline to achieving meaningful progress on climate change mitigation, resilience, and a Just Transition,” said Amy McCrae Kessler, Esq., Co-Founder & President of Facet Power. “This strategic partnership transcends technology and energy to Solve Climate Like a SystemTM, empower communities, and foster true prosperity.

This Team is set to generate thousands of high-quality jobs, promote gender equality and entrepreneurship opportunities in rural areas, increase critically important agricultural production, develop local biobased advanced materials manufacturing capacity, enhance food security, reduce deforestation, replenish soil health, restore ecosystems including three million hectares of degraded Congo basin rainforest through FACET Power’s AFR 100 partnership with World Wildlife Fund (“WWF”) Cameroon, protect biodiversity, climate-proof local economies, diversify industry revenue streams and generate prosperity for all stakeholders. We could not be more delighted to have a partner we can hit the ground running and go the distance with.”

Glenn Davies, the Co-Founder and Group CEO of CAC-H2, shared his profound enthusiasm for the upcoming collaboration with the FACET family. In his statement, Mr. Davies highlighted the remarkable synergy between the two organizations, emphasizing their united commitment and mission alignment. He stated, “Partnering with the FACET family is incredibly exciting.

We are two groups united by a shared vision to unlock and accelerate on-the-ground progress combatting climate change, advance United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), empower local communities, and drive the energy transition through innovative, clean, and zero-carbon technology solutions. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in our collective journey towards a sustainable and greener future, where we are determined to make a tangible difference in our global pursuit of a healthier planet.”

FACET Power Inc and CAC-H2 Pte Ltd are actively collaborating on projects in Africa and Asia. In addition to these fast-growing regions, leadership teams are finalizing collaboration platforms for rapid project & finance deployments in the U.S., South America, and Australia, underscoring the global reach and impact of this transformational partnership.

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