As CBD Goes Mainstream, Eresos Stands Out with Uncompromising Quality

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With the global CBD market expected to reach $62.4 billion by 2030, more and more consumers are turning to CBD as a natural wellness solution. However, research has found that the rapid growth of the CBD market has led some brands to cut corners.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Edmonton, London Oct 12, 2023 ( – A recent study published in the Journal of Cannabinoid Research revealed a concerning lack of accuracy in some CBD product labelling. Researchers analysed 63 CBD products from 40 different brands sold online in the UK. This included 13 tinctures, 29 oils, 10 e-liquids, and 11 drinks.

The team of researchers tested the actual CBD levels against the advertised concentration on the label. They found that only 5 of the 63 products had CBD content within 10% of what was claimed. CBD oils showed the least deviation, but the results still highlight a level of inaccuracy across the board.

This kind of dubious labelling has the potential to erode consumer trust in the growing CBD industry. Eresos, a UK-based wellness brand rejects this approach, dedicating itself fully to product purity, potency and compliance. The UK-based company is proud to hold Novel Foods certification for its oil drops and capsule ingestibles, adhering to the EU’s stringent regulations. In addition, Eresos rigorously tests every single batch of products to guarantee they meet strict guideline standards, certifying every product to ensure consumers have complete transparency about what’s inside. 

“Many brands sacrifice quality as they scale up to meet demand. We take the opposite tack – investing in top-tier sourcing, testing, and production,” said CEO Carl Jat. “Our customers recognise and value our obsession with their safety and satisfaction. We believe trust through transparency is essential as more people turn to CBD’s natural wellness benefits.”

Inspired by Theophrastus, the ‘godfather’ of ancient botany, Eresos’ science-backed formulas target specific wellness needs. With strong leadership and plans to list on the London Aquis Exchange this year, the company is strategically positioned to capitalise on the CBD boom, whilst uncompromising on quality and establishing trust with consumers.

All Eresos oil drop are Novel Foods certifiedCocoa Cream and Active Muscle Therapy Balm in handEresos 30mg CBD CapsulesThe Eresos Sleep Mist contains a unique blend of lavender and chamomile botanicals

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Eresos Health & Wellbeing
Inspired by ancient Greek botanical science, Eresos is a range of CBD and botanical-infused beauty, cosmetics and skincare products, currently serving the ever-growing UK market.
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Unit 14a, Commercial Road, London, N18 1TP

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