Renowned author, speaker, and life coach Eric North states that thankfulness is a state of mind

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- New York City, New York Nov 21, 2023 ( – Distinguished life coach, speaker, and celebrated author around the world, Eric North is also known for his passion for helping others and guiding them to a better, happier life. He is also known as ‘The Happiness Warrior’ for his guidance and enlightenment helping others to reach their ultimate happiness in this life. The life coach has shared his wisdom and stated that thankfulness is a state of mind that, with enough and genuine trials, can be achieved by anyone. North states that people are at their best when they are together and gather and give thanks together. This public display of people’s generosity, forgiveness, camaraderie, and cheer is an ancestral tradition passed down through time which gives people the opportunity to take time from their busy and chaotic lives to breathe and feel comfortable with people who know them the best.

North says that Thanksgiving is just one day of the year and a time when people can learn to be more reflective. This is the time when people can atone for the wrongs they have done or caused and consider how to learn and heal from them. According to the life coach, it is the attitude and mindset that people have for what they have accomplished, an intention-driven mindset that appreciates all that people have been given. It is also the wisdom that comes when people can be honest with themselves and live in a state of self-awareness. This starts with being thankful for every opportunity to do things better than before.

North says that as ‘The Happiness Warrior’ he has a set of personal affirmations and routines that he utilizes every day, and those have helped him be thankful for what he has. He has one for rising, another that he says before he begins his work and writing for the day, and an affirmation before bed where he expresses gratitude and accountability. After struggling with how he was raised, Eric had negative feelings about himself and lacked the self-esteem to make much in his life happen. At one of his lowest moments in life, he was able to get himself together and learn to appreciate and be thankful for his life. He then began to have a greater appreciation for his family and friends who’d stuck by him. Now he wants the same for all of his followers, helping them learn how to stay positive, look on the brighter side, and stay thankful.

According to the celebrated author, the best way to start this journey is to develop a gratitude prayer or affirmation before bed. It does not matter what the faith is, as long as people continue to believe in themselves. He also recommends thinking of the three best things people did in the past day and giving thanks for the ability and effort as this will build self-esteem and make it easier to sleep with a more peaceful mind. The speaker also asks his followers to be on the lookout for silver linings and embrace serendipity. He says that a mindset is a choice that’s ours alone to select and live with and a serendipitous mindset is one where people realize that good things will happen and are open to surprise when things are better than expected.

‘The Happiness Warrior’ advises everyone to take a look back and think about how each step forward has propelled them to a better life and future. According to him, being grateful is the first step to reinventing our dynamic and rewriting our story. This is why he thinks that victimhood and needing validation or approval from others is no way to find happiness or thankfulness. He says that humans are the ultimate decision-makers of their attitudes. At the same time, it is also important to think about how important words and thoughts are in determining their outcomes. Eric believes that words have spirit once they are verbalized and made conscious they never disappear, which is why words of gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation have more value than words of derision, shame, or scorn.

The life coach and eminent author asks his followers and everyone to use words with thoughtfulness and consideration as that is how people raise their happiness and vibration. He believes that words that are said with good intentions are the way people unite and find community, as words have power that can last for generations. Lastly, he states that it is important to understand that all humans have the right to be happy. According to ‘The Happiness Warrior’ the best way to jump-start this feeling is to permit ourselves to be happy. He says that this is not always the way people have been programmed to think or act. Permitting ourselves to be happy is an act of self-love and defiance of the societal bounds that control and divide people. So it is important to remember that people who prioritize happiness always create more happiness in the world around them as happy people attract happy people and energy.

As the world moves closer to Thanksgiving, it means thankfulness is the one thing that can bring society and humanity together. For more details and such guidance, visit

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