How to Write a Business Press Release for a Grand Opening?

Are you an entrepreneur? Did you open a brand-new business? Now it is time to create a buzz in the market with the help of an effective business press release.

Business Press Release

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]id you just start a new business? Congratulations! Perhaps you know that now it is time to create your business’s virtual identity and brand perception among people around the world. Press release is the best way to spread your story quickly and effectively to your target audiences. It is an authentic document that is trusted by most readers and when your business is trying to break through and gain some exposure; PR is the medium you should go for.

Writing an effective business press release is surely a critical process but it is not impossible. By following the right steps; you can create your Business PR, specially built for the grand opening or the business launch. Here are a few steps that you can follow.

1. An Inspirational Brand-Driven Story

When you are writing a press release for your business’s grand opening, you should not focus on your brand’s services and products as most people do not relate to the details. When you are trying to reach a mass audience; the best way to grab their attention is to offer a solution to a problem or to fulfill a need. Think of the catchy topics that help to create a brand-driven story. Do not create content stuffed with technical and statistical details as it is unattractive and not reader-friendly. Here are some ideas for the story,

  • Think of a problem for which your products and services can offer an effective solution.
  • Is the CEO great? Make sure to add his quotes or stories of inspiration.
  • Think from the perspective of the online users who might be interested in your story.

2. Identify Your Brand’s Target Audiences

Online users including the customers are the ones who you want to know about your company. But do you not want others to know? Well, it is very important to understand and map out your target audiences before you even start writing your press release. Your target audiences can be anyone; customers, journalists, competitors, investors, or even all together. Based on the people you are trying to reach; you can craft a business press release that especially targets those people. Identifying target audiences and piquing interest among them is the key here.

3. Keep Up with the Basic Elements

While you are writing a press release on a business launch; it can be certainly said that the basic elements of the PR always remain the same. No matter which purpose you are writing the PR for; the authentic format of the PR remains unchanged. Let’s go through the basic elements once again,

  • Headline – The headline of the PR is supposed to be short and highly catchy, based on which readers going to pick content to read. Create a title no more than 80 characters with spaces.
  • Dateline – PR is a time-sensitive and newsworthy document. So, the dateline is a must and should be there at the top of the content.
  • Lead – This is the lead or the leading paragraph that readers will read right after they find the headline catchy. It is better to use the 5Ws strategy that offers all the highlights regarding the company.
  • Body – This is the real meat of the content that elaborates the whole story. If your PR content is good enough; the body of the PR will be read by more people.
  • Boilerplate – This section is dedicated to the company details. It helps the journalists and other readers know more about the company.
  • Media Contact – Right after that, the readers are going to look for other resources to get more data. Make sure to add media contact and other details that make you reachable.

Bottom Line

When you are done with PR content; it is time for distribution. However, since it is business launch PR; you have to be very careful with the the distribution network and its relevance. Instead, you can hire a professional PR agency that has a huge distribution network and is capable of handling things. Having a professional agency helps to get better results.

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