Science fiction is a genre that has always raised an intense sense of curiosity about our world and Space. It has given us some masterpieces of this genre. From extra-terrestrial life forms to mutants shooting laser beams from their eyes like in X-Men, from traveling through space to humans giving […]

2024 has been a great year for box office runs and here are the highest-grossing movies of this year, so far, collecting high numbers and breaking records. 2024 has been a great year for movies, especially with their box office collections. Some of the biggest earning movies of this year […]

With summer at your door, it’s time to enjoy the weather with some good and enticing movies. Here is a carefully curated list with a little bit of something for everyone. This summer, kick your feet up and relax indoors. Staying indoors might sound boring but don’t worry, these nail-biting, […]

  (YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Surfers Paradise, Queensland Jun 8, 2024 ( –  Bishop Themi Adams – Travels into the Future with Bill & Ted,” has been honored with the esteemed Dadasaheb Phalke Award at the Aasha International Film Festival  Aasha “Bishop Themi Adams – Travels into the Future with Bill & Ted” […]

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Melbourne, Australia May 23, 2024 ( – Prepare to descend into the depths of depravity with “Manhattan Zodiac ’77,” the latest cinematic masterpiece from the twisted mind of director Hedwig Schreck. Astra United proudly announces the long-awaited DVD and Blu-ray release of this gritty and sleazy crime thriller that exposes […]