10 Best Ideas to Stay Healthy and Fit in Cold Winter

Winter has finally arrived and it is time to prepare yourself to embrace this frosty season. Get to know the top ideas to stay healthy and fit in Winter Days.

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Winter is perhaps the most enjoyable season for many and it is a time of the year when every celebratory moment keeps knocking at the door. People enjoy going on trips and having a little picnic with their families while busking in the sun. However, it is also the season when a lot of people suffer from colds and coughs regardless of age. Due to dryness and extremely low temperature; many others can suffer from various diseases as their immunity tends to stay low. Therefore, it is important to follow some healthy practices in winter that keep you less sick and more active. If you are not sure where to start, here are the top 10 best ideas to stay healthy and fit during the winter.


  1. Take Care of Skin

Winter is a cold and dry season that makes your skin vulnerable. Cracked and dry skin is one of the major issues in winter as it gets really hard to retain the moisture that you already have in your skin. Applying moisturizers and body oils can definitely help a lot but you need to hydrate as well. Drinking enough water helps to regulate moisture and temperature in the body which can keep it evenly warm and smooth. Treat your cracked heals and chapped lips with petroleum gels that last long and keep them moist. Make sure to follow a strict skincare routine.


  1. Regular Exercise

It is pretty normal to feel lethargic during the winter days as most people like to stick to their bed or couch with a blanket. While it is comfortable, it can also make you lazy. Exercising regularly is a great way to keep yourself warm and active. It also helps to boost the immune system and prepares your body to fight seasonal cases of flu and colds. You do not need to stick with a particular workout routine or gym, but any kind of exercise is good for it. You can dance or play some sports that you like.


  1. Eat a lot of Proteins

Protein is the most essential nutrient to keep yourself healthy. Protein-based food can offer a lot of energy throughout the day while enhancing your muscle and bone density. It also helps to develop tissues and boosts the metabolism rate of the body. Plenty of lean meat, poultry food, nuts, dairy products, seeds, and many other elements can provide protein that your body can easily absorb. It helps to keep your body warm and active to participate in any kind of task.


  1. Omega-3 Rich Foods

Omega-3 is a healthy fatty acid that helps to develop good eye health, and skin health as well works great as an anti-inflammatory agent. This fatty acid can be found particularly in fish and plants. The component has special properties that help to reduce stiffness and joint pains that especially occur in the time of winter. Omega-3-rich foods are good for your skin as it keeps it soft in the rough winter weather.


  1. Eat More Fiber for a Good System

Soluble fibers can be found in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and other elements which help to develop a good digestive system. These elements are great to put in your winter diet that offers good gut health and helps to reduce bad cholesterol in the body. It not only prevents you from getting obese but also boosts immunity and reduces inflammation.

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  1. Cut Down the Carbs

Carbohydrate is definitely important for the body but only to a certain limit and on winter days, you have to be careful about that. On the cold winter days, you will feel cravings for carbs as it becomes a comfortable choice. Delicious carb-based foods can increase your serotonin levels, which offers a certain burst of happiness. As a result, you crave carbs even more since it makes you happy. However, eating carb-based food and sweets can cause obesity and other heart-related problems.


  1. Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

In winter, you can find a handful of new and fresh vegetable stock in the market. Try to utilize time with seasonal fruits and vegetables which are filled with different types of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and soluble fibers. It helps to boost your immunity system and keeps away winter ailments like colds, coughs, fever, headache, etc. Make sure to eat plenty of spinach, kale, oranges, carrots, and other available options that are rich in elements like vitamin C, zinc, and iron.


  1. Honey and Tulsi: A Powerful Combo

It is an ancient organic combination of Ayurveda that proves to be the best precaution in winter. Having a leaf of Tulsi every morning along with a spoonful of natural honey can keep away the common cold and other problems like sore throat, dry cough, and many others. The best part is that this ayurvedic combo works on people of all ages; whether it is your child, you, or your father.


  1. Sound Sleep

They say good sleep can do everything and there is no alternative to it. According to the physicians; an average adult needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day and you should maintain that in the winter as well. While you might want to sleep even more under your blanket; it is recommended to not extend it more than you need as it would soon turn into a habit. Just like you should not overboard; you should not sleep less either. A good amount of sleep is capable of reviving both, mental and physical well-being.


  1. Timely Taken Flu Shots

Make sure to take the flu shots at the right time which helps to build more antibodies as well as immunity. The best time to get these shots is October and November; right before the winter comes heavily.


Bottom Line

Winter is the season of love and celebration and if you want to enjoy this sweater weather, follow the aforementioned tips which can help you stay healthy and fit on the cold winter days.

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