Burmaster Immunity Will Be Denied with a KSA 21-5907 Affirmation

Judicial immunity at the second founding will never be extended to protect by immunity, a judicial member who intentionally commits a misdemeanor crime

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Kansas City, Kansas Dec 11, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – The plaintiff pro se Kansas dad, Matthew Escalante, is in the Kansas High Courts undermining a claimed lower state court conspiracy to interfere with his children and his civil rights. The latest development in the federal case of Escalante vs Burmaster is seen in cases documents #38, #39, and #40. The Kansas father is opposing the defendant Judge Paul Burmaster’s motion to dismiss the case. Plaintiff Escalante has entered doc #40 with a descriptive event that transpired in the civil custody case 18-CV0381, which Burmaster presides over as district judge. Doc #40 states Judge Burmaster does not have judicial immunity protections in this high-profile federal case because it’s said that the defendant judge has committed a misdemeanor crime. Matthew alleges that Judge Burmaster knowingly issued and served a deficient extended order of protection against Matthew on August 10, 2023. Matthew argues that Judge Burmaster was simulating the legal process of a protection order on October 18, 2023, while in the wrong numbered case, the wrong type of case, and without any jurisdiction as this Oct 18, would constitute no legal effect. Escalante references two state statutes KSA 60-312 proof of service and KSA 60-31a07 as intentionally duped by the judge to fool the court into thinking and believing that a deficient protective order was just fixed. The judge shows in the marked exhibit D transcript, of trying to re-serve a protective order in a different numbered civil custody case hearing instead of properly serving it in the protection from stalking case. Matthew asserts that Judge Burmaster’s actions constitute the crime of ‘simulating legal process’ under Kansas law. KSA 21-5709 is a real thing, the law states any person cannot act with court records, or documents in an attempt to make a party believe that a legal condition or order is being executed to cause an effect on someone. Judicial immunity doctrines have become more tightly wound in the last 100 years. Ur one thing that has never changed is if a judge commits a crime, no judicial scope ever extends to protect a judge who commits a crime. Judge Burmaster shows on October 18, 2023 committed a crime when he faked a PFS re-ordering, in the wrong case and to no legal effect just to suppress, and oppress to plaintiff’s father who is Whistleblowing in the courts. The case should not be dismissed. Matthew requests the opportunity to amend his complaint to include a specific claim under the Federal Civil Rights Act against Judge Burmaster.

McGarity’s and Palettas of Kansas are special friends to the minor children affected by judge misconduct. And our editors, speaking on behalf of the father, extend much gratitude to those families for their generosity. 

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