Best Homemade Energy Drinks to Get You Going for the Day

To avoid feeling tired and sluggish, try these homemade delicious recipes to give your body a boost fromginger lemon to green smoothies loaded with nutrition.

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The requirement for extra energy is something vastly common among humans. Whether you an energy drink to start the day, avoid that afternoon slump, or energy through a workout o a not-so-simple task, a bit extra power is always a great idea.

Ready-made energy drinks are renowned for being not so healthy to your overall healthy body as they tend to be very high in caffeine and sugar, also poured with different kinds of artificial chemicals that cause increasing heart rate, anxiety, and blood pressure amidst several other health issues on the long term.

However, there are healthier alternatives that can make you more fit and can be made at home by yourself. These homemade easy and healthy energy drinks not only produce extra energy for your body but also provide the required nutritional value that is not regularly found in the maximum traditional store-bought products. Homemade energy drinks can be prepared from your regular green tea, vegetables, fruits, or seeds. The magic is fresh and organic ingredients that you don’t have to regret later putting in your body.

From green smoothies to citrus drinks to pouring tea recipes, all of the recipes are sure to get you moving. Considering to stay hydrated and energized to start your day, here are a few recipes for you –


  1. Turmeric Ginger energy drink

With lemon, pepper, ginger, and turmeric these four-ingredient drinks have just what it takes to energize your body and immune your health as they contain anti-inflammatory elements and help in digestion and circulating blood. Incorporating these juices into your regular life will leave you wondering. The two important ingredients of this energy juice, are turmeric and ginger which perform as an anti-inflammatory agent and are also renowned for flue and cold symptoms.


  1. Apple cider vinegar energy shot

Apple cider vinegar is recognized for its different health advantages, it offers the body a refreshing boost of power that is unusually found in other organic components. Mixing the cider with ginger creates an even stronger portion that clears all the toxins out of your body helps you to digest and improves blood circulation.


  1. Mixed berries smoothie

Start your day with a large mug of nutritious, delicious, and sustaining breakfast smoothies created with berries, yogurt, and orange juice to fuel your body and provide the right amount of energy you require to go through the rest of the day. Apart from being tasty and healthy, this berry smoothie is not that tough to make. It is perfect to have while you are running late in the morning.


  1. Beet energy juice

Well, it is no alien to us that Beets are one of the strong anti-inflammatory and energizing elements. Blending beets with other healthy and natural components like carrots, lemons, and ginger will surely leave an impact in one of the most nutritious and energizing drinks that you can go for pre or post-workout or have a healthy energy-boosting juice to snack on to stay highly energized throughout the day.


  1. Homemade Gatorade

Now coming to this, no matter how conscious you might get about your health, we all face such moments amid the tremendous summer heat when we surrender to the weather and dive into cold refreshing Gatorade or a similar kind of sports drink. But it does not contain the healthiest components your body requires. So make yourself the healthiest and tastiest Gatorade and improve your electrolytes without exposing your health to processed and harmful ingredients.


  1. Cheery lemonade energy drink

An energizing, refreshing, and tasty delight, the energy drink is ideal for freshening your body fluid, fighting the summer heat, and boosting your energy levels as well when a bit of extra power is due to add up. While mixing all the ingredients like cherry juice, coconut water, lemon juice, and green tea you will provide your body with a dose of fresh nutrients and electrolytes that will energize your body.

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  1. Orange Julius drink

It is a great way to start your day. The drink is created with whole fruits, orange juice, yogurt, and ground flaxseed. The flavors mix into a zesty, sweet, and creamy delight that will be served in less than five minutes. The dessert-like drink tastes good and improves your health as well. So perks!


  1. Matcha green energy juice

Minus your daily cup of regular health drink and add instead a healthy matcha green energy drink. It adds rich matcha with blueberries, almonds, and spinach for a burst of flavor. The elements are mixed in coconut milk for a creamy drink that is also preferred by vegans. To add something extra to your drink, add more matcha powder to this juice.


  1. Iced green tea

This one is simple. If you don’t feel like blending or mixing different types of vegetables and fruits, then this one is ideal for you. What will you ask more if you have a cold-brewed mug of green tea to face off the summer afternoon heat? To make it stronger, add a bunch of fresh mint leaves.


  1. Cocoa banana smoothie

If you want to opt for a tastier version of your health drink, you can make the smoothie with cocoa powder, frozen bananas, and vanilla extract, and you will make yourself a delicious treat especially after a workout, burning some calories.


  1. Citrus electrotype sports juice

This juice is popular among mostly athletes ad anyone interested in gaining a burst of extra energy anytime during the whole day. Instead of ready-made canned electrolyte sports juice, you can go for a homemade and even healthier version that offers you the needed power boost you look for without losing your body to any artificial ingredients that will harm your body nonetheless.


  1. Fresh pomegranate juice


Last but not least, the juice from the list is tasty, Pomegranate is loaded with minerals, antioxidants, and different types of vitamins. The pomegranate’s arils have punicalagin and punicic acid which are powerful antioxidants and offer anti-inflammatory power. Only one pomegranate owns a large number of different vitamins such as Vitamine C, Vitamine K, folate potassium, and many more, this is why a fresh pomegranate juice in the morning can alone provide you just the correct amount of energy to reboot your system and get you ready and active for the day.

Try these easy, healthy, and tasty drinks at home to keep yourself hydrated and fresh throughout the day. From turmeric ginger to pomegranate, these recipes will bring a positive change to your health.

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